• Jim

    Same old Nokia story: great hardware, awful software.

  • Vladimir

    You made a mistake, screen is still 360 x 640 resolution, unfortunately :(

  • http://intomobile.com Tom

    Yeah, what Jim said.

  • Eina

    Actually not even great hardware. My old E90 had a better screen (800×352) & keyboard (6 rows with dedicated number keys) and it was released 3 years ago.
    Now I have to put up with 20% less pixels & pres shift every time I want to use the most used keys?

    This is not what I call advancing.

    • Anonymous

      actually, that resolution was also the main reason a lot of applications was never released for the E90.

      when all devices in this segment run same resolution, all apps will work that are created for Symbian^3 or created with Qt. …with no adaptation needed.

      and if you look at the screen and use it, you will hardly see the diffrens in pixels…really…you wont.

  • Anonymous

    ” Screen-sliding animations were too slow to compete with Android or iPhone” … so turn of the theme effects then . then its fast as anything else out there . The “slow” animation” is actually as intended … why i dont know, but as prevoiusly state, you cant turn it of completly. in an upcoming update this animation effect will be removed for really smooth scrolling

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