Logitech Revue (Google TV) coming this month for $300 – worth it?

Logitech Revue Google TV Set Top Box
Logitech Revue Google TV Set Top Box

Google TV is coming, whether you think it’s needless or not, and it’s coming sooner than we though … like, “this month” soon. The Logitech Revue, the first Google TV set-top box is said to launch on September 29th with a steep price tag of $300.

While some may say that Google TV is just WebTV 2.0, it’s much more powerful than that. That said, those interested in Google TV for the Android aspect will have to wait longer to reap any benefits. The Android Market won’t be available on Google TV until next year, and only then will it likely be upgraded to something past Android 2.1.

As for the pricing? Give us a break. While we weren’t actually terribly surprised at its price point, we were hoping that Logitech would at least attempt to compete with Apple TV. Apple TV is not as feature-packed as the Android alternative, but who’s to say that it won’t carry the App Store later on at some point?

We’re hearing that Dish Network, one of the biggest backers of Google TV may offer the Logitech Revue¬† box for $179 per household. It makes sense that Google would partner up with a television provider, but who has Dish Network? In order to get the most out of the service, you need Dish Network, but we’re seriously doubting the majority of people will switch just for Google’s TV service.

The Logitech Revue doesn’t help, as it’s yet another box to put on your entertainment stand. In its defense, the box is rather small and has very little setup, so it should really be the least of your worries when it comes to extra hardware.

If you’re still not sure if you want Google TV, or another box for that matter, wait it out. Google’s service will be built into TVs and Blu-ray players going forward and that may make it easier to pull the trigger.

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  • BogartOfElCajon

    I have been dreaming to buy one for a Google TV box but this price is killing it. This stupid hardware companies are really just a PIG when it comes to selling their products. $300 really? I will wait until these capitalist partners can take their brains from their a$$es and put it back where it belongs and figure out that they need to lower their prices for consumers to buy their products.

  • Kam

    $300 !! What the hell are they thinking. The price is not compatitive at all, didn’t they think at google logitech & dish why apple surprised every body with the 99$ price?
    The battle now is like apple vs IBM in the 80s or sony’s btamax vs Vhs. who gets to become standered so every body else adoptes it, there are tens of tv sets, blue ray and set top boxes manufacturerrs (samsung, lg, and hundreds of generics all over the world and china) who will adopt the standered platform.
    Steve jobs already gave them a head start by not introducing apps and not adopting open strategy but if u think why he is not charging a high price for an apple product u figer out he wants as many people as possible to adopt his system so it becomes standered and money will come later from itune rentals after he flouds the market
    Google tv already has challenges price shouldn’t be another one.

  • Jay

    For $300 the Revue should at least have a ATSC HD TV tuner and a built in HDD for recording your shows. Or at least have the ability to hook up an external HDD.

  • patrick

    Does anyone own a Harmony remote.. mine was $300 and does not do near all that this box will do.. I will buy it as I need to replace my remote anyway and with the accompanying iphone app this makes this very attractive.

  • David N’Gog

    Chalk me up as another “the price killed it”.

    I’d been pretty excited about the launch of GoogleTV. I was even prepared to get my cheque book out for an initial payment.


    Even I, as a big fan of both Google and TV, am completely put off by this price.

    Sorry Logitech, that’s just rediculous. So it’s going to be built into Blu-ray players in the future? Blu-ray players cost on average under $100- how can you justify $300 for a stand alone model.

    I imagine what will happen- a few fools will by at this price but no more; they have to quickly drop the price to $100 or below so that people will actually buy.

  • PCoff

    I’m with Patrick on this one. the harmony remote is an awesome device and if the revue is a harmony + google tv then it is priced well.

  • neoflasher

    I’m with Patrick and PCoff. All of you complaining about the price have obviously never used a harmony remote or owned one. This is so much more than the remote and there are actually harmonys more expensive then 300. I’m getting one as soon as its out.. Hopefully tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    I heard about Google TV in like mid-September and there was a ton of anticipation around it. I work at DISH and I am also a subscriber and I played around with the beta version and just like any beta, it was somewhat buggy. After it was released, I played around with the released version and I fell in love. DISH is actually selling it for a discounted price of $179 and that’s what I paid for it. It was very easy to use and even easier to set up and the playback is flawless. I don’t have any issues or concerns with it because it works just fine for me.


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