Google App for BlackBerry Updated with Gmail, Docs, and Google Contact Search

Following up on the ability to search local contacts and e-mails, the Google Mobile App for BlackBerry will now scan through cloud content from Google as well. Messages from your Gmail account, contacts stored there, and anything saved in Google Docs will also be accessible when you launch a search.

Google Search is usually the very first app I download when getting a new BlackBerry to review. Sure, the browser has a search bar built in, but the app formats relevant content much more cleanly than the mobile site, acts as a hub for any other Google apps, plus the built-in voice search is helpful from time to time.

I could see that Gmail search being especially helpful; even though you can easily get Gmail funneled into your BlackBerry, it only stays there for so long before it’s wiped for memory. Being able to access your personal archive of e-mails without having to chug through the browser-based log-in process will be exceptionally handy. I don’t use Google Docs much, but there are certainly those that do, and they’ll enjoy some quick reference capabilities. Contact search is a bit redundant for me, since I use Google Sync or the built-in BIS sync to ensure everybody is stored locally.

If you haven’t already been notified of the new version of the Google Mobile App, just head over to in your BlackBerry’s browser to download.

[via Google Mobile Blog]

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