Rumor: New Apple iPad due to hit the market by the end of Q1 2011

Straight from Digitimes, one of our favorite rumor generators with a track record that occasionally leaves a bad taste in our mouths, but more often than not delivers the goods, we’ve got news that a new Apple iPad is due to hit the market during the first 3 months of 2011. Suppliers have said that they’re in the process of testing second generation 9.7 inch panels and that they’re “ultra-thin”. The first iPad came out in April 2010, so a 1 year refresh cycle sounds about right, but we don’t know for sure since this is Apple’s new product category after all.

What types of features are you looking forward to? I’ve only just recently seen an iPad in public, on the Helsinki Metro, and it looked absolutely ridiculous. I’ve yet to understand why anyone would want a device that sits at the juncture between full blown laptop and highly capable smartphone. That being said, Apple has sold several millions of these things, and an entire industry is cropping up around throwing Android on similar sized devices, so maybe they’re on to something and I’m just being a curmudgeon.

Anyway, features … how about making it lighter? One thing I hear Apple fans complain about is the weight of the iPad. Also, what’s with the reflective screen? Glass is great to touch, but it’s hell on the eyes when you actually want to use the thing in public. Several people have also said they want a camera in the next iPad, but I can’t figure out why. How comfortable do you think it’s going to be to hold a near 10 inch piece of glass in front of a group of people just to take a picture? Front facing camera I understand, the whole FaceTime thing, but rear? You’ve got to be kidding me?

I’d rather have Apple refresh the Macbook Air than upgrade the iPad, but either way, I’ve greatly reduced the amount of traveling I’ve been doing this year so yet another new shiny toy to take with me while on the move should probably be avoided.

  • david jay

    What’s ridiculous are your comments. They’re purely your opinions based on the limitations of your own esthetic pulses which disregards a wider understanding of why the iPad is so popular. It’s great for when a full-blown laptop doesn’t need to be whipped out but big enough to interact with apps and games, esp for photo/video. That’s plenty reason.

  • Shatz

    How silly you are with your armchair pontifications. What was it you did for technology, social media or anything else for that matter that made a difference?

  • Doctuh

    Don’t be so limited in your thinking. I would kill to have a camera on a touch tablet on a job site. It would be a godsend.

  • Joe

    Reason’s for iPad:

    Instant on. I can get what I want now, not waiting for my laptop to boot (30 seconds to 2 min depending on what you have).

    Lots of apps: I have more than enough stuff to keep me working, entertained, out of trouble.

    Battery life: Not many gadgets survive me. 10 hours a day from iPad keeps me going.

    Work: I can be at work from anywhere. This is both good and bad I suppose.

    Large screen: no squinting and no retyping due to missing a key.

    Reasons to dislike iPad:

    It is heavy. Agreed that it could be lighter, but it is amazing for what it does.

    It is Apple. I am a fanboy, but the closed system is a bit much.

  • chad ochocinco

    David jay why don’t you suck apples dick a little more. I wasn’t aware people couldn’t have an opinion on a product instead worshipping it because there’s an apple logo on the back

  • ipadder

    Here’s my 2 cents.

    People love the iphone, they use it as their mini computer, it brought lots of people to the ‘Mac side’ and I think they use them more for games/utilities/text messages/camera – and once in a while – calling people.

    Now along comes the ipad and people thought, ‘cool’ a larger iphone…

    That’s why the ipad has taken off like it has.

  • No name

    Good article can you write it in a less bitchy tone next time?


  • jc

    yes, i agree. this article is not really an article but a letter to the editor about why you cant understand why someone would want something different than you. please do us a favor and save your rants for your blog (which i wont be reading) and stick to real objective reporting if you are going to pretend you are a reporter.

  • justin

    Give me three USB ports so i can hook up a keyboard, printer and a mouse; I will be a happy mother fucker.

  • Buddha

    Here come the Apple cult members to bash anybody who criticizes anything Apple… ugh.

    The iPad is great for what it is. But for many, if not most, people it’s a luxury item at this point. It doesn’t replace the traditional laptop and for people with smartphones it doesn’t add a ton of new functionality.

    I give Apple credit for being ahead of the curve with almost everything they. Great products so far… but the iPad has a ways to go before it’s something that everyone should have. It’s certainly a step in the right direction.

    I’m looking forward to Gen 2. I hope there are more improvements than just a camera.

  • joe

    All the relevant information in this article was in the headline. The rest of the article was nothing but filler and useless opinions from someone who doesn’t even own the device he’s commenting on.

  • Under a bridge

    Wow! More fanboys/fangirls drinking more Apple Kool-aid, This time it did not kill you. It just killed a few brain cells, thats all. I’m sure there are explanations why your intellect and reasoning didn’t mesh together this time, i.e. obsession. Perhaps you missed the paragraph where the author implied he might be a curmudgeon. Then your comments might be attributed to minimal comprehension skills. I don’t want to make assumptions about your smarts since I don’t really know much about anyone making these comments. This makes me consider my thoughts about cows not being very bright. Yes, I don’t know if cows can handle calculus or have the capability to become artists. I have see cows get ran over by a train while wasting the time that they do have to get off the tracks, staring at the train. Maybe the though process that would normally trigger self preservation to get off track was disrupted while it was thinking about how they are going to use the new iPad they acquired to solve a complex engineering problem/mathematical proof. I may never know, I’m ignorant about such facts. I have never been able to test my assumption as all the cows that this happens to died. There may be many reason why the current comments here(including mine) were triggered, besides my assumption of horrid comprehension coupled with obsession. I’m just trying to keep an open mind, I don’t want to assume my boredom waiting for a delivery is a reasonable excuse to make this kind of comment.

    Now for the people who have posted comments. Obviously missing the point that articles like this are opinion. I’m pretty sure since most of your time reading anything electronic is coming from apple and in association coming from Steve Job aka The next step in God’s Jesus product development road-map. You might have to step outside the bounds of reality and figure that a lot of the content on the internet is composed of opinions, now stay with me. Like this article!

    David Jay: Wow! NAILED IT!!!. You were right on when researching his the sources he stated were a Wikipedia article that was edited by the evil Steve Balmer. This totally invalidated the foundation for all the statements he was claiming as fact. Oh? Wait he didn’t. You just stated it was just an opion. Here is an opinion: Your a moron.
    must be true since everyone’s opinion is true.

    Shatz: Armchair pontification? I’m sure somewhere contained in pontification is dogma and that might contain a little bit of Arrogance. I mean, What was it you did for technology, social media or anything else for that matter that made a difference? As a warning don’t mistake any of your own post as a reply to yourself, I could imagine it would act like feedback. If you asked your self that question in this post I am sure it would evolve into a multi month flame war with yourself ending with: In MY mom’s basement I have a full wall for all my Star wars collectible figures and Star Trek. HA!. What have you done in YOUR moms basement. Only to be interrupted by your preparations to go camp at an apple store for the latest apple product.

    Yeah and don’t assume that I think I’m so sharp with my well thought out criticism. Maybe there should be a device that shocks people when they make pointless arguments. I’m sure I would get zapped for this too. At least I know the people I commented about would be getting zapped too.


  • Nunuvyer Bizniz

    Why do you bother to blog? We don’t need your ignorant opinions. Do you think that maybe you know something that Steve Jobs does not? iPad is a huge hit. Nobody cares what you think.

  • Howard Brazee

    I am attracted to buying an iPad for the following reasons:

    I don’t really need all of the features of a lap top when I go on vacation and wish to read my e-mail and my home paper. When I get an iPad, I’ll give my old lap top to my son, not spend as much money, and have something that will be more portable (meaning I will take it with me more often)

    My grandkids love the games available for it. It has more apps than its competition at this time.

    I will soon need to downsize my home – getting rid of my library. I will need a book-reader. (Kindle is a possibility – but why not get both?

    Smart phones are too small for my old eyes and hands.

    I went to this link to assist me in deciding *when* to buy. I wanted to know whether it would be worth waiting for the 2nd generation.

    • Chris

      I feel the same way Howard. I am heavily invested now in the Apple iPhone/iTunes/App Store ecosystem. I love my iPhone, but I hate having to pull out my reading glasses every time I need to read something. Sure I can resize some things, but then you are constantly having to scroll more.

      So, the larger iPad is quite an attractive option for me filling that niche between iPhone and laptop. Also, the fact that I already know how to use it and I will have it up and running fully synced with all of my Apps, video, and music content within 30 minutes is quite a compelling draw. It will integrate seamlessly into my digital lifestyle. I think that is what many tech pundits just miss the point on. The ease of integration into our existing digital world without the need to start fresh all over again with some new hardware/software paradigm and all the investments of time and energy associated with that, should not be underestimated.

      So for me the question has become, when should I get an iPad, and not if. I decided to wait for the 2nd gen iPad as I knew there would most likely be significant improvements and iOS 4.2 will be ready for use. So, when the next iPad will be available is what drew me here.

  • I’m a big fan of the iPad. I use it now more than I use my iPhone, mainly because it’s a powerful media consumption device. Sure it could be a little lighter, but it’s great for reading digital magazines, ebooks, surfing the web, and watching movies on.

    There are several apps that make the iPad very useful. At the same time, there are some iPhone apps that work far better in the iPad version. Some people still say that the iPad is nothing more than a larger iPod touch. And I agree. It is, and that’s what makes it very useful. A larger screen that you can carry around like magazine or book.

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