Verizon intros Mobile Recovery app for Android, BlackBerry and more

Remote wipe comes with Verizon Mobile Recovery app
Remote wipe comes with Verizon Mobile Recovery app

Verizon has introduced a Mobile Recovery app which will enable users to remotely lock their devices and more.

Similar to the Find my iPhone app, the Verizon Mobile recovery app enables users to sound an alarm on the device (even if it is in silent mode), locate the phone with GPS, or remotely lock or wipe the handset.

The free Mobile Recovery app is free as part of the company’s Total Equipment Recovery plan and it is compatible with a variety of Verizon phones including the company’s Android, BlackBerry, webOS and Windows Mobile phones. The full list of compatible phones can be found here.

“Mobile Recovery is further evidence of Verizon Wireless’ commitment to providing customers with the latest solutions for staying connected, protected and informed,” said John Mara, executive director, marketing, Verizon Wireless, in a prepared statement. “Mobile Recovery helps customers keep their private information secure, preserving what matters most to Verizon Wireless: customers’ privacy and their phones.”

You know, I generally advise people to pay as little per month as possible because many people spend way too much on unused minutes or texts. With that said, I implore you to get that insurance if it’s a reasonable price.

The Verizon Total Equipment Recovery plan has saved my bacon recently, as my Motorola Droid was stolen during a BBQ. I never found the dastardly thief but I was able to get a new unit for about $90. Factor in I’ve been paying about $10 a month for a year and that brings the cost to about $220.

That may not sound like much but I went in to the Verizon store hoping to get some love on a Droid Incredible but I was nowhere near my upgrade date, so I was looking at a $600 price tag.

This Mobile Recovery app should help Verizon customers rest a bit easier. I also think that it’s kind of cool that these remote services are almost becoming table stakes in the smartphone world. To download the Verizon app, go to this website.

Now, if only Big Red could cut the prices of its plans just a tad …

[Via Verizon]

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