BlackBerry Storm 3 with 3.7 Inch Screen Captured on Camera? (Update)

We had heard over the summer that RIM was working on a new BlackBerry Storm that would include a mobile hotspot function, and today we’re getting a look at what the hardware might be. The trackpad is a distinctive addition to the BlackBerry Storm series, and the screen measures 3.7″ according to the source – noticeably larger than the 3.2″ touch screen on current Storm models.  The source also confirms that there will be 8 GB of internal storage, but didn’t say anything about the mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.

It looks like it’s originating from Indonesia, and as interesting as the device itself is, the document in the background holds a few interesting tidbits.  You’ll notice just next to the bottom-right of the BlackBerry Storm 3, “5.0” is underlined – is it possible that RIM will continue to launch phones with anything less than BlackBerry 6? They already did it it with the 9300, but you’d think after that, everything in the pipe would have a chance to be caught up.  In the bottom-left of the image, you’ll see a section of the phrase “augmented reality” – a definite necessity if RIM wants to keep pace with Android and iPhone. With a bit of Google translating, I also noticed a bit in that same area; “yang ketahanan” means “the resistance”, which likely has something to do with a new SurePress system. Clicking touchscreens aren’t for everybody, but RIM is continuing to polish a rather unique idea in the mobile sphere.

So, we’ve got a BlackBerry Storm with a bigger screen, a trackpad, support for augmented reality, and potentially operate as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. An earlier report which corroborated 8 GB of storage, a new non-6 operating system, and updated SurePress also suggested LTE and and a 1 GHz processor would also be in the next Storm, though discrepancies in RAM with a leaked slide along with a lack of documentation might cast some doubt on all of that.  Regardless, a 3.7″ BlackBerry with LTE and a 1 GHz processor would be freakin’ sweet, and answer the calls for those who want something that stacks up to the latest Android and iPhone competition. I hope the screen cranks up the resolution past HVGA, but we’ll have to wait to see more of this mystery phone to confirm (that is, if it’s more than a convincing Indonesian knock-off).

[via BerryReview]

UPDATE: BGR is calling shenanigans on this picture, citing more conservative specs akin to the Endgadget leak. However, many commenters think that this is a confusion between two upcoming Storm models – one being a simple refresh on the Storm (model number 9570) made simply to accommodate OS 6 much like the 9300 and 9780, and the other to be a proper Storm 3 with new specs. What do you guys think? Is this a picture a phoney? *RIMshot*

  • bob dole

    Until Blackberry OS is actually usable it doesn’t really matter what hardware they come out with. I’ve used the latest Blackberry torch and it reminded me of my 1 gen iPod touch browser from 2007.

  • BB Know It All

    There will be no SurePress, you can take that to the bank. RIM has put that to bed for good. Any mention of resistance will be relating to the capacitive screen only.

  • Anonymous Hero

    5.0 = 5.0 megapixel camera :-), not the OS version.

  • deep toe

    RIM is poised to lose the cellular war.
    Somewhere someone in their development department is being paid way too much money. RIM dropped the ball on the pearl flip, then lost the marketshare on the pearl 3g, they blew it on the storm, and the storm 2, and the torch is a slow POS. Whoever makes conceptual decisions for RIMs phones is in NEED OF FIRING, because THEY SUCK AT THEIR JOB and the guy who keeps him working at Rim NEEDS FIRING too. Now all rim has to do is this, 1st clean sheet of paper. 2nd stop and think, 3rd reevaluate the situation and make a phone that people want (and believe it when I say it’d be easy) RIM can email me if they need help figuring out how.

  • Anonymous

    Oh well, at least maybe this thread will catch someone’s eye at RIM. Wake up RIM!!!!

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