Firefox Home for iPhone gets updated with more languages, improved URL bar

Apple iPhone app Firefox Home gets an updateThe Firefox Home app for the Apple iPhone has been updated with an improved URL bar and boosted language support.

According to the Mozilla blog, the 1.0.2 version of the Apple iPhone app includes:

* Use Firefox Home in 16 different languages, including French, German, Japanese, Polish and Spanish. See all supported languages
* Want to visit a website that’s not in your bookmarks or history? Only remember part of the URL? You can now type in the site’s URL into the Search Bar and Firefox Home will help you get there
* For advanced users running their own Firefox Sync server, you can now set up Firefox Home to connect to your custom server
* One-way refresh of your Firefox desktop history, bookmarks and open tabs to your iPhone or iPod touch
* Instant access to your open tabs, just the way you left them on your PC
* Awesome Bar Search to get you to your recently and frequently visited sites with minimal typing
* Instant access to your bookmarks to get you to important sites by tapping instead of typing
* End-to-end encryption so only you have access to your data
* Access to your Settings to see what data has been ported, as well as the option to Refresh at any time
* Useful Help button on the login page for additional support

For those of you hoping for a full version of Mozilla’s browser for the Apple iPhone, I wouldn’t hold your breath, even with Apple less-intensive app restrictions. I don’t think Apple will allow other browsers in its store which are not based on WebKit, which means Mozilla is out of luck.

Still, the improved Home app is a positive sign. Download the free app today and let us know what you think.

[Via Mozilla]

  • Whammy!

    Opera Mobile is in the app store. It’s been there for a couple months (well before Apple lightened their rules.)
    I think Firefox on the iPhone is probable.

    • Marin Perez

      The difference is that Opera and Skyfire (which should be approved soon) are proxy browsers. They don’t render the content on the phone and are thus not in violation of the App Store rules. Firefox using a different rendering engine and I don’t think Apple wants that on its iOS devices. We’ll see though.

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