Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone 7 ads unveil the AT&T HTC Mondrian (Updated)

HTC Mondrian for AT&T

HTC Mondrian for AT&T

The Mondrian was an HTC codename discovered earlier this year in a leaked Windows Phone 7 ROM. Details on this Windows Phone 7 handset have been sparse, but thanks to a series of advertisement videos from JP Incorporated, who presumably did the music for the ads, we now know that the Mondrian is headed to AT&T. Based upon what we know from other Windows Phone 7 handsets, the Mondrian will have a touchscreen display (possibly 4.3-inch), 1GHz processor, WiFi, Bluetooth, and more. Look for the handset to get official in the upcoming month and land on AT&T in November. While we wait, we can watch these two slick advertisements and marvel at Microsoft’s $500 million advertising budget for Windows Phone 7.

UPDATE: Looks like one of the videos has already been pulled down and is now set to private. Enjoy the second one while you still can!

UPDATE #2: Both videos were pulled down from vimeo but not before they were posted on YouTube. Enjoy!

[Via wmpoweruser]

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