BlackBerry Style 9670 Shows Up on Sprint Database

We first caught a glimpse of the BlackBerry Style 9670 back in April, a new form factor for RIM – a clamshell phone with a full QWERTY keyboard. Now the Style 9670 has popped up within Sprint’s internal system, so it’s just a matter of time before it becomes available. After all, it did just pass FCC certification very recently. Could we be seeing an announcement at DevCon this week?

As a quick refresher, here’s what we reported in terms of specs and what to expect from the device when it’s officially announced:

From what we’ve gathered, the BlackBerry 9670 will have 4 GB of internal storage, 512 MB of app memory, 624 MHz processor, an HVGA display, in addition to an external notification screen, 5 megapixel camera, and run RIM’s new OS 6, complete with WebKit browser, universal search, and variety of user interface updates.

While it is showing in Sprint’s system, if history teaches us anything about CDMA BlackBerrys, it’s that Verizon can’t be too far behind. Perhaps we’ll be seeing an announcement for both carriers relatively soon.

Given the Torch’s reception, good or bad depending on whom you’re listening to, just how popular can a clamshell BlackBerry OS 6 device be? Especially given the strong competition on either Verizon or Sprint.

In any case, if you just happen to be one of the handful waiting for this device, all I can say is to have a little patience. Any day now, it seems.

[Via: PhoneDog]

  • Creighton

    My Next Phone!

  • BBoy

    Mine to!

  • Chuck Matek

    Mine too. There must be more than a “handful” of us. C’mon, Verizon; let’s have it.

  • WillieD

    I personally think this is the ugliest phone they have come out with yet….

    Its as if the Pearl Flip (which could have been cool had it have been done right), and the Motorola PEBL had a baby – fugly.

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