CyanogenMod replicates HTC’s fast boot [Video]

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We were pretty blown away when we saw just how quick the Desire Z boots. We were also very surprised to see that the leaked Desire HD ROM allowed for the Droid Incredible to also take advantage of the snappy boot, only faster. Now, it’sCyanogenMod’s turn and the feature will appear in the upcoming CM 6.1.

What many people don’t know about the new fast boot feature that HTC has implemented is that the device is going into more of a hibernation state, like your computer, and it saves everything in the RAM. This makes it much faster to get back to where you left off when you boot it back up.

CyanogenMod’s implementation isn’t quite as fast as HTC’s, but we’ve got sometime before the new ROM is released and it may be just as quick when it goes live.

The video below shows the feature in action on a Nexus One. It’s rather short, but you see everything that you really need to, it works.

CyanogenMod is said to bring support for more devices, so those of you who are rocking a Samsung Vibrant may have a chance to take advantage of this feature in the near future.

So, HTC has introduced the fast booting feature, how long do you think it will take until other follow suit?

Check out the video below.

[Via: Phandroid]

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