MIUI ROM = Android 2.2 + iOS + dash of awesome

MIUI Android 2.2 ROM for the Nexus One, Desire and EVO
MIUI Android 2.2 ROM for the Nexus One, Desire and EVO

There’s been plenty of custom ROMs out for the Nexus One for some time now but you’ve likely never seen something like this before. The MIUI ROM, brought to you by some awesome Chinese Android developers, is a Froyo-based ROM that looks like a mix between iOS and Android with some nice customizations.

Almost everything on the MIUI ROM has been completely customized – From the lock screen to folders, to the absence of an application drawer, the ROM is a completely new experience. MIUI has been causing quite a bit of buzz in the developer and modder community, with good reason. The ROM was basically built from scratch from the looks of it, and for the most part is in Chinese, so you may need to brush up on your kanji before you go ahead and flash this thing. That said, it’s close enough to an Android experience you’d expect, so if you’re familiar with Android, you’ll likely find your way around the ROM just fine.

One of the cool features of MIUI is the way you add widgets to your home screens. Instead of the standard list you’d expect to see, you’re presented with a small box that takes up half of the screen showing you the widgets available to you, with the other half showing you the existing widgets on your home screens. Each widget you can choose from will show you how much of the screen it will take up with a small graphic. You simply drag the widget you want on the desired screen, and you’re good to go. It’s nothing that will take your breath away, but it’s a different take that some of you complete geeks modders may appreciate.

The MIUI ROM is available for the Nexus One, HTC Desire, and EVO 4G. I haven’t got a chance to personally test it, so I can’t say anything about its stability. Judging by the two videos below, it’s very snappy and despite some of the Chinese writing, it looks like it’s ready for daily use.

If you’re running MIUI, how do you like it? Is  it a keeper?

Check out the videos below, the first is an overview, and the second goes into more detail.

[Via: XDA, YouTube]

  • xet

    fully recommended !! made my nexus one a completely different phone ! fast stable and beautifull … what do i want more ?

  • Just flashed the new Cyanogen release from the MIUI rom. IMO the IMUI rom is amazing. You can add folders and rename them, modifiable app tray at the bottom rocks, fast… But there are some cons. My wifi and cell signal are low on this rom and navigation runs pretty jerky. If they sort these problems out then it would be the shyte. Oh, no 4g or HDMI out on either (cyanogen or MIUI)..

  • Collin

    This ROM is awesome, ive recently tried out the newest fresh and Cyanogen 6.1…this one runs better on my evo than either of those…the ability to have all your setting in the notification bar is great, as mentioned previously, app folders, screenshots and on my evo i get a great signal with wifi, 3g etc, no 4G but i personally didnt ever use it when i had it and i get a 4G signal pretty much everywhere i travel and go in orlando, anywho i can def live without 4G and hdmi which i literally never used once. Its a keeper for me…cons include bugs in the mms, i can send but not receive photos currently, built in tether is not working but i use pda net most of the time as well, so this rom works for me because i dont usually use the wifi tether or receive mms pictures which im sure will be fixed soon…obviously these are some things some people must have and this rom wont be compatible..for me though…LOVE IT!!

  • gs

    where is the download link i want this on my desire

  • Sasch1310

    I am using Miui-au by S-Murphy and it’s brilliant imo!
    http://www.miui-au.com site is full of excellent tutorials that will take you through the basics of preparation right through to a tutorial and a set of How To’s once you have it installed.

    This has features built in that should have been there from the start like wireless sleep when screen goes off and built in backup of apps and wireless settings to start with.

    Try it now, I doubt you will be disappointed! 🙂

  • Flake

    instsalled MIUI-au yesterday and very happy with it… a slight problem with installing the thing, but miui-au.com site helped me out nicely 🙂

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