Quicky: Angry Birds plush toy spotted in the wild!

I guess we all agree Angry Birds is a massively addictive game when even the British Prime Minister David Cameron enjoys playing it from time to time. It has been ported to other mobile platforms and now it got a plush toy, which is awesome!

Actually, it seems the toy is a work of the digital PR firm TriplePoint PR, which obviously did a good job – TechCrunch is talking about it and so do we. That’s how we love Angry Birds despite being a time vampire. 😉

And in case you too want to jump on the “Angry Birds train,” click on the links below to grab it for your phone. Android smartphone users will have to search for the game in the Android Market – can’t help you there…

Angry Birds for iPhone/iPod Touch ($0.99) [iTunes link]
Angry Birds HD for iPad ($4.99) [iTunes link]
Angry Birds for (FREE) [Ovi Store link]

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