Rumor: Amazon working on an Android tablet to complement its App store?

Is Amazon prepping an Android tablet?

Is Amazon prepping an Android tablet?

Earlier, a rumor out of TechCrunch suggested Amazon was launching its own App store for the Android platform. Hot on heels of this exciting information is a second rumor that suggests Amazon is also working on an Android tablet to complement this supposed app store. The details are sketchy and they come from a single source so this is one rumor that may not pan out. The source, though, was reportedly spot on with his or her information about the app store and it stands to reason that he or she may be correct on the tablet information as well.

Amazon is not stranger to the device industry. It has produced the Amazon Kindle eReader for almost three years and is the leader in the eBook marketplace. With its Kindle experience under its belt, it would be relatively easy for Amazon to expand their offerings to include a tablet device. Rather than a Kindle-based device, this new tablet would run Android and tie into Amazon’s Android app store. You can also expect tight integration with Amazon Mp3, Amazon video, Kindle, Audible, and other media services offered by the retail giant.

In reality, I have no idea if this rumor will pan out but it does fall on the “plausible” side of the rumor scale. I am hopefully optimistic as it would be interesting to see another Android tablet hit the market. The more, the merrier.

[Via TechCrunch]

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