Rumor: Apple iPad 2 Will Be Thinner, Sport a Camera and Mini USB

The Samsung Galaxy Tab had just been announced, followed very shortly by the BlackBerry PlayBook, and now we’re hearing rumors of the second Apple iPad. What a time for tablets! While it’s blatantly obvious what the iPad has been missing – like a camera or USB ports – it looks like the second generation of the Apple tablet might bring us all the things we want. Or not.

The thing about predicting what Apple will do next is it’s near impossible. Most of the time, analysts get it wrong, but it’s always a little bit of fun to speculate.

This time the rumor comes from Goldman Sachs, who says the new iPad will have a mini USB connection and a camera for FaceTime. The FaceTime part seems plausible as both the iPhone 4 and the new iPod touch now have the feature, but a mini USB port just doesn’t seem right. It doesn’t feel like something that Apple would put on its devices.

AppleInsider reports:

The analysts also said their checks found that “the 7” iPad project has not yet been finalized” and therefore said its “unlikely to be launched ahead of the new 9.7” iPad.”

According to the pair, the new 9.7-inch iPad “is targeted to be thinner and lighter, with an embedded camera and mini USB.” It “could be launched in early” second quarter of 2011, they said.

I’m not too sure how I feel about the device being any thinner; I like the thinness of my iPad now. And while 1.5 pounds doesn’t make this the heaviest gadget in the world, it is quite heavy when you’re holding it up for a long time to watch a movie or read a book — lighter is definitely more welcome.

If Apple decides to make new iPad models a yearly thing, as it does with most of its products, we’ll find out just what it has in store right after the holidays. Then perhaps we can put all these rumors to rest.

[Via: AppleInsider]

  • Jim

    Still missing a few key features:

    – A real built in GPS with fully downloadable maps (no data connection required).
    – Better video support (more formats).
    – Skype support
    – Memory card support (SD)
    – I would like to see a 128/256 GB on board version
    – A way better browser (with full Flash support).
    – Native support of printing.

    • Lob4502

      I am excited about the Apple IPAD 2. But I would like to see a faster processor. And also a retinal display or at least something close to a retinal display. Right now, I prefer reading on my Iphone 4 due to its awesome Retinal Display. And last, how about a SD slot to easily upload photos.

    • Mats20202

      You do realize that Steve Jobs will NEVER make the ipad flash supported, and for good reason. If you look into the Samsung Tab many reviews state that it tends to load flash slowly if it even plays at all. Flash is a dying format. He will also never include flash support because of the relations between Adobe and Apple.

    • Dayn83

      Jim, what u really want is a touch screen MacBook… Apple will never upgrade the iPad to compete with the books…

  • Chris

    Hmmm… my guess is that “mini” is a typo – the micro adapter has been adopted by CE (European certification agency) as the new standard for charging/syncing of phones. It is more durable and is half the component height of the mini usb plug.

    • guest

      I doubt it is a typo since the iPad is not a phone. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the only type of product that has made the micro usb the new standard are phones. I have never used a micro usb on anything other than my blackberry.

      • Dayn83

        Not just blackberry uses micro USB, a lot of other phones also use em… Plus, sony PSP, other handheld game station, digital camera, etc etc

  • Lucky13vap

    The reason i did not buy an ipad yet it’s because of the camera. i’ll buy the new version if it has it…..

  • Lucky13vap

    The reason i did not buy an ipad yet it’s because of the camera. i’ll buy the new version if it has it…..

  • Lucky13vap

    The reason i did not buy an ipad yet it’s because of the camera. i’ll buy the new version if it has it…..

  • Julioefv

    Actually, the whole thing about the mini usb seems plausible to me. Apple agreed to the newly set European Union standard of having all phone carriers in Europe use mini USB as the universal charger for their phones.

  • shadowmax11

    i just finish buying my doughter for Christmas an Ipad 64GB 3G WIFI. I just think have paid a little bit to much for something that doesnt evevn have built in camera. i think Apple should have built that model with a built in camera.

  • Anonymous

    Well, rumors to keep flowing from various sources, this is another one.
    Thoug in the iPad world, there is little complaints about the lack of USB compared to lack of flash support. Even the Android folks have left the subject alone since Apple introduced wireless printing. But I’d be very pleasantly surprised if they add USB. I think it will increases the chance of folks buying an Ipad, as users would be able to possibly make more use of it then just entertainment like video&movies watching and game playing. It may also be a gateway into another market who may be on the edge of buying one but are just not to sure if it is practical. Im sure I will get slammed by fanboys but…….its a good idea to add usb….. Im just saying 😉

    BTW: watch movies and flash videos on iPad freely

  • Danielhowse

    Apple will never put a usb on an iPad. It would allow it’s users to put content on it from other sources than itunes, and we all know how apple feels about that, just look at their flash stance.

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