Hands-on with Microsoft Windows Phone 7 [HD video]

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 gets hands-on video
Microsoft Windows Phone 7 gets hands-on video

We know that the launch of the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 platform is right around the corner but we just couldn’t wait to show it off to you in HD video.

We spoke with Microsoft at the Mobilize conference in San Francisco and you can watch a walk through of the software in the video below. The demo is conducted on a Samsung handset that’s not final.

Windows Phone 7 represents a major gamble for the company and its mobile strategy because it is cutting off all backwards compatibility with Windows Mobile. Windows Mobile had its lunch eaten by Android, BlackBerry and the Apple iPhone but it still had millions of users, including a strong corporate presense.

The company’s new mobile platform immediately jumps out at you with the new Metro UI, which ditches the icons-in-a-grip experience for a live tile one. There are multiple hubs of information which can dynamically pull in information from various services.

The People hub, for instance, can pull in data from your contact lists online or from Facebook. Clicking on an individual contact will let you write on that person’s Facebook wall without having to launch a separate app.

Windows Phone 7 developers will be able to use Silverlight and XNA to create apps and these can integrate with the hubs or be a standalone experience. the app marketplace will be open soon and the company has been working its tail off to make sure it will have some big-name apps from the likes of Twitter and Netflix.

One of the big differentiators of Microsoft Windows Phone 7 will be the strong integration with Xbox Live. This will allow you to check up on your avatar and points, as well as eventually play games across platforms. The platform will also have a ton of games at launch, so mobile gamers may want to seriously consider it.

There is a lot more to go over but it’s much, much easier if you just watch the video below. Let us know what you think in the comments.

  • Jeff F

    The demo avoids any of the Windows Phone 7 major shortcomings.

    The most basic element for any operating system to handle is text. I’d like to see him move some text around on Windows Phone 7. For example, lets see him take some text from a web page, and put it into an email. I am always copying and pasting text around the place.

    Of course, we all know that Windows Phone 7 can’t do this. It lacks the most basic operating system function of Cut, Copy & Paste.

    A video showing the pretty pink Windows Phone 7 interface looks very nice. However, I think that once Windows Phone 7 has been released to the masses, and people start using it for every day activities, the reviews are going to get a lot more scathing as people realize that some basic functionality is missing from this incomplete operating system.

  • James L

    There goes the haters. I have a phone now that does copy and paste and I have yet to use it. that’s with me using it everyday for all my business email and texting. Not to mention MS has already said they will update the phone to include copy and paste.

    The phone to me looks awesome and I intend to get one right away. To many good things about it to not try it out. Yes ther are things I would have done different, but that’s teh same with every single phone out there.

  • Bob

    Windows Phone 7 has gotten excellent reviews so far.
    Lack of copy & paste is not going to affect the vast majority of users. In any case, this feature will be added in updates. The advantages that Win Phone 7 brings are things you can’t find in any other phone: Suite of Office applications, Real time live content on home screen, Integrated hubs with social networking/pictures/videos, Subscription based music service, Xbox Live games, and a fast innovative user interface. Check it out for yourself.

  • Daniel

    I’m sorry, but in my opinion it looks complicated. It’s another UI that people will have to learn to use. I have had the iphone which is dummy proof. Android took a little getting used to, but it looks and acts alot like a desktop. Plus Bing sucks. I love google’s integration with its devices. I guess if you are a hardcore microsoft windows user than it would be helpful. I just don’t know if this is going to take off like Android or iOS. We shall see, I guess.

    • Glencannon

      No Flash. Windows Phone Kin 2. Fail… – Hmm…Kin wasn’t even a smartphone so not sure how there’s a legitimate comparison.
      Few Apps – I gues the 300,000+ developer downloads thus far are due to mis-clicks .
      No Tethering – Tethering is obsolete especially with wi-fi whitespace coming
      No Copy & Paster – who cares && it’s coming
      No Unified Inbox – Oh no I have to toggle!
      No Third Party Multitasking – State of the App is saved and you will be able to stream pandora so who cares.
      No Fast app switching – it’s litterally 1 additional click. Good thing it’s easy to do.
      No HTML5 or Flash – Jesus like HTML5 standard is even close to complete much less even implemented and Flash will be there soon enough even though I hate Flash with the heat of a thousand suns.
      No CDMA phones till 2011 – I know t hat’s awful!! Like 3+ months away!!! THE HORROR!!!

      Whatever, it’s a sweet phone with a great new UI that centers around what makes me … well me. My work (Office), my entertainment (Zune, Xbox), my friends and family and memories etc. all in a really seamless way and without the need for a bazillion crappy apps that all have different UI’s. I mean out of all the apps I downloaded for my iPhones over the years, how many do I actually use? Let’s see…zero. I use none of them on anything remotely resembling a regular basis and I’m annoyed any time I do have to go hunt for them.

      WP7 is a new way of doing things and that’s cool. Copy/Paste and all that other crap isn’t what’s essential and that’s what this first release is going for. Can’t wait, the demos all look really sweet.

      As for this other stuff…please dude these are either just silly or philosophically uninterestting to about 99.99% of humanity.
      No 16GB phones announced
      No Swype
      No Spotify
      No Flexible
      Not Free and Open
      This is just getting ridiculous !!

  • csharpner

    Too bad their even more closed off and walled than even the iPhone. Android is on its way to surpass the iPhone very soon precisely becuase they’re much more open. WM 6.5 and below were very open. WM7 is the exact opposite. I’ve really enjoyed developing for the old WM for the last 8 or so years. That period has come to an end now that there’s a more open alternative out there with no developer registration fees, freedom to sell my apps wherever I want, freedom to keep 100% of my income, and now, with MonoDroid, I get to develop my Android apps in C# (my favorite language) and a .NET like framework… AND XnaTouch is also porting to Android, so I can port my Xbox 360 game to Android.

    My transition away from WM is regretably complete. I will not waste my development efforts on such a closed system. Too bad, because it used to be great.

    for the fanbois out there… don’t take offense. I’m sure the ui is just dandy, but from a developers pov, my future, regretably, lies elsewhere.

  • Sanna

    No Flash. Windows Phone Kin 2. Fail…

    Few Apps
    No Tethering
    No Copy & Paster
    No Unified Inbox
    No Third Party Multitasking
    No Fast app switching
    No HTML5 or Flash
    No CDMA phones till 2011
    No 16GB phones announced
    No Swype
    No Spotify
    No Flexible
    Not Free and Open

    This is just getting ridiculous !!!

    • pax

      People like you seem to know alot and I am sure you have a phone that does all that. Question is, what’s it to you?. You have a magical phone, and you seem to be happy with it, so stop trash talking just because you may not like Microsoft. Not all the smart phone users are smart and we know that there are a few phones out there that are dumb proof, you know it and I know it. The bottom line Mr. smart pants is that respect others for their choices and tastes even if they do not agree with yours. I have tried all OSes and am a happy Android users, but can’t wait for this to hit the market. It looks really nice and phones that WP7 will be running on, have much bigger screen than the tiny dumb proof one.

  • bazza

    Haters are lovely rational people really. Honest!

    Most just have a crab up their pee holes, and that hurts like ants in your eyes.

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