AT&T and T-Mobile Creeping into NYC Subways for Cell Service

AT&T and T-Mobile are striking up a deal with Transit Wireless to get cell service in New York City subways as part of the city’s continuing effort to expand wireless connectivity. There is free Wi-Fi in places like Times Square, AT&T has been boosting its network strength, Wi-Fi is said to be coming to more subway stations and now we have carriers looking to deliver cell service deep underground.

Sure, depending on the subway stop, you can sometimes get just enough of a signal at subway stations to fire off or receive a quick text message, but that’s about it. And that’s only if you’re lucky.

According to BusinessWeek:

Transit Wireless said in July it secured new financing to build the network for New York’s 277 underground subway stations. The deal rejuvenated a plan that had been delayed for about three years.

Guess who has signed 10-year deals with Transit Wireless for use of its networks in the subway stations? That’s right, AT&T and T-Mobile will, and both will have the option to renew their contracts up to four times in five-year increments.

Although I enjoy some of the peace and quiet in the NYC subways, if you don’t count the noise of the trains passing by and brakes screeching, I wouldn’t mind the chatterboxes down there if it means I get to waste away on Twitter and send and receive e-mails and text messages.

No word on when the service will become available, but the two carriers are expected to make an announcement on the deal very soon.

[Via: BusinessWeek]

  • Wireless Thruth

    If this is true… why is transit been trying to sell their contract with the MTA to anyone who will listen. Their plan and their abilities are flawed and lets see Al D’Amato fix this for them….. If they get 10 stations up an running it will be a shock. And since the service will be a mess AT&T and T-Mobile will not build this system out… it is a money loser for them without the tunnels. Maybe Al D’Amato will call his buddies at Siemens to step in and buy it out so that the MTA will go back to the original design to complete every foot of railway with wireless service…. Al is getting his piece it will never happen.

  • Jon

    Ah man this is going to be annoying! Who wants to hear some idiot blabbing on their phone in a packed subway?

  • Mematron

    I’ll be the guy selling cellphone jammers next the other guy selling umbrellas ^_^

  • Gkon2010

    Money money money, the same as it ever was, but mean while Im the guy who install radioactive towers and still needs to work 2 jobs to pay bills, u guys think that cancer doesn’t spread well guess what,in the under ground tunnels it becomes a conduit to ur brain, good luck fools, if my lawyers get the funds that im suing for it would b for a statue of the worthless united states American that never had a chance…

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