Tango brings video calling to iPhone and Android

Video calling app for Android and iPhone

Tango is a new application for the iOS and Android device owners, allowing the “two groups” to video call each other or share what they see with the person on the other side of the line. From the screenshots above, we think of Tango as an app that wants to bring the FaceTime-like experience to the Android community.

Video calls are free and you can use either 3G/4G or WiFi network for data. The application will work even on phones that don’t have a front-facing camera, allowing users to only share what they see.

Of course, you can still use the app without video if that’s your idea – it’s easy to turn video on and off during a Tango call. And in terms of a contact list, the application will populate it from your existing address book…

And that’s about it. If you want to take and make video calls with other Android/iPhone 4 users, download Tango. AppStore link is below, while Android smartphone owners will have to search for Tango in the Android Market.

Tango (FREE) [iTunes link]

  • Igo

    great app..works well on my EVO 4g

  • Bmorestoybox

    does exactly what it says better than qik or fringe!! works great on EVO 4g

    •  since Qik now belongs to Skype and Skype now belongs to Microsoft, that’s probably all over anyway.  Hence, i wouldn’t mind finding something else that works.

      Fring has a nice UI and great support for everything, but I remember it having so-so sound quality, and completely failing to update the online status of skype contacts.  And if you can’t see contacts as they log on, you can’t make any calls  😛  (yes, I’ve tested this with several people, all in the same house, and a friend can be sitting next to you, logging into skype or fring, and he’s not showing up on your screen as ‘online’)

      Still, I don’t want to discourage anyone to try out Fring, its free, its a well done application, and the issue may have been fixed since.  Even Skype’s own desktop Application sometimes fails to update online status.

      Since i must rely on talking to people in odd far away locations, i’ll download both Tango and Fring to try them, and if anyone knows any other app that does this well, I’d love to hear about it.

      I don’t need it to work with Facetime, I don’t actually know anyone with an iPhone, and my own iPhone has been demoted to be a wall mounted MP3 player for the kitchen.

  • The best of the best

  • Mellany

    Tango is the best… If you don’t have, you must install… When I installed the app, Tango already looked through my address book and I was surprised to find some of my friends who were already using Tango. I was able to do a Tango call with my friend in Argentina and the quality was outstanding. It works over 3G – which is impressive. I have an Android phone and I call iPhones without any trouble. This is my favorite app of all. Congratulations and THANK YOU to the Genius(es) who came-up with this service!

    • Wiss

      I am trying to install Tango to my samsung galaxy tab from http://www.tango.me without success
      it always give an error
      any idea from where i can download it and install it?
      thanks in advance

  • jason

    Sorry fring is better.. this doesnt support google talk, MSN live, SIP, ICQ, yahoo or AIM… Fring supports all those.

  • Rob

    what is it with this site and it’s bias towards ios? Trying to bring facetime to Android, why on earth would we want that applecr@p. Video calling is what we want, which existed before faceplant (intentional play on words) came on on that garbage phone

    • JustChekin

      Don’t be hatin’ dude. Your ignorance is shining through, as well as your baseless bias. GROW UP!

  • Jerico

    i have my new iphone 4 and i installed tango but unfortunately it keeps showing only connecting…i tried to wait for a minutes but still showing the same….

    somebody please help me……
    i really appreciate

    • sergio

      If you are stuck on the ‘connecting’ screen when Tango loads, please follow the steps below to solve the problem:

      a.Make sure that your iOS is 4.0 or higher. To check your iOS version:
      – Go to ‘Settings’;
      – Tap on ‘About’;
      – Tap on ‘Version’;
      If you do not have iOS 4.0 or higher then connect your device to your iTunes and upgrade to the latest version.

      b. Make sure Push Notifications are enabled on your device:
      – Go to ‘Settings’ page;
      – Tap on ‘Notifications’ and make sure they are turned ON;
      – On the same page, tap ‘Tango’ from the application list and make sure both ‘Sounds’ and ‘Alerts’ are also turned ON.

      c. Try loading Tango on 3G or a different wireless network as some networks may block the ports Tango requires for communication.

      d. Make sure you don’t have any applications installed that could affect your device’s contact list as these can affect Tango’s ability to work properly.

      e. If you have a large number of contacts in your address book (more than 500), backup your contact list and then remove all contacts from your device to see if Tango loads properly. Then try resyncing your contacts back to your device and loading Tango again.

      If after following the steps above you are still experiencing this issue, please email us at support@tango.me with the following information:

      – Your Tango-registered phone number and email address;
      – Your type of device;
      – The country that you are located in.

  • Winnie_yyc

    someone can let me know where can download TANGO for nokia n8…..plssssss 

  • Court

    I downloaded Tango and on the contact list, some of my friends that have Tango aren’t on there, how do i make them show up?

  • I don’t have the Android Market App on my phone. For some odd reason it didn’t come with it!!! Does anyone know where I can download it from a third party website?

  • Suan_bar

    Cao DUsane…molim te reci mi da li moze da se instalira TANGO na NOKIA C6….javi mi na mail


  • Thomas Lee

    Been using Tango on my Dell Streak to chat with my iOS buddys! great stuff!

  • Tango is promising. I have tried it and its great. The only problem I have is that not many of my contacts have it yet. I guess its long term success will depend on how many users take on to it.

  • Marilynr

    we are not getting sound either end, what am I doing wrong?

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