Skype, Jabra team up for Skype-tastic headset

The new Jabra Extreme headset is optimized for SkypeWe like to cover Bluetooth headsets from time to time but those are normally only for phones. We did want to take a little time to notice the latest Jabra headset for the PC though because it has been certified to work well with Skype.

The Jabra Extreme will come with a pre-pared USB adapter, so don’t worry if your computer doesn’t rock Bluetooth. The company worked with the Skype team to ensure that it can provide a high-level of voice quality while you’re using the VoIP-calling service. There’s also noise filterers and dual-mics to bring your Skype calls up a notch.

The device can also be used with phones but there’s no particular integration with the Skype apps because some of the magic that happens is through the actual USB adapter. It then becomes like other Bluetooth headsets but it can be paired with two devices simultaneously.

It’s not just VoIP calls though, as the Jabra Extreme has A2DP stereo Bluetooth, so you’ll be able to stream your tunes to your head in style. The headset can be purchased at Best Buy for about $100.

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