Hands-on the HTC 7 Trophy Windows Phone 7 smartphone – An affordable WP7 phone

The Windows Phone 7 story goes on with the HTC Trophy, bound for Vodafone, SFR and M1. And while there is no plan, as far as I know, for the Trophy to hit the U.S., we got to see it today and get some hands on time, anyway. The Trophy will have a 3.8-inch touch screen display, 1GHz processor, Dolby Mobile with SRS surround sound, a 5MP camera and 720p HD video recording capabilities. Not too shabby in terms of specs on paper.

The HTC Trophy is a pretty light weight device – something you’re not going to find too cumbersome in your pockets, purse or bag. Or satchel, if that’s your thing, fellas. It’s also pretty thin and the soft touch coating is a nice welcome compared to all the smudge-prone plastic phones we handled today.

Like the other Windows Phone 7 HTC devices, the screen was pretty responsive and there was no noticeable lag in any touch events. Of course, the OS seems to be somewhat light weight and the thing is powered by a 1GHz processor, so no surprises there.

I’m also a fan of the design, which is very HTC-esque and how clean the camera module looks on back. If you’ve handled HTC devices like the Droid Incredible or EVO 4G
lately, you’re already familiar with how the material will feel. Soft, but not slippery. If you’re not using metal or glass for your smartphone, this is the only way to go. It beats plastic in terms of both feel and ability to stay clean.

Overall, the device is pretty solid. What else is there to say about a smartphone built from a company who has rocked the Android world so far with solid handsets? It certainly didn’t cut corners or hold back on its Windows Phone 7 efforts, either.

If you’re living in Europe or Asia where Vodafone is your service provider, or at least an option, you might want to give the Trophy a look if you’re beginning to lean towards Windows Phone 7.

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    Would consider if it included LTE

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