Want to Jailbreak Your iPhone? Here Are Your Options

Guide to jailbreak your Apple iPhone
Guide to jailbreak your Apple iPhone

So you want to jailbreak your iPhone. Or maybe you’re on the fence. Either way, know that you have options. If you’re running the latest and greatest, assuming you’re not a dev with the latest beta and baseband, limera1n and greenpois0n just became available a few days ago. So if you’re looking to jailbreak your iPhone, those are the only choices you have for now!

Limera1n is available for both Mac and Windows machines now. Jailbreaking with it is super-dee-duper easy. You download it, connect your iPhone to your computer and click the “make it ra1n” button. Follow the two-step instruction process and you’re done! Simple as that.

If you did it correctly, you’ll see the large, lime green logo on your screen before it reboots. Oh, and if you’re wondering where Cydia is, you’ll have to open up the limera1n icon to find the installer there.

Just as a tip, make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi when you update your Cydia packages. It will go that much faster and you can get on with your life.

Greenpois0n is pretty easy, too. However, it’s only available for Windows and Linux right now. Just like limera1n, you plug your iPhone into your computer once you’ve downloaded greenpois0n and click “prepare to jailbreak (DFU).” Follow the onscreen instructions, which will take you into DFU mode just like limera1n, and you’ll be set to go!

Aren’t you glad these hackers are just busting their asses so you can have simple, one-click access to jailbreaking your iPhone? Now, I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t donate, but these guys did work pretty damn hard on these exploits. So if nothing else, it reminds me to keep from whining when I’m waiting on supported versions. (I whined to myself until a Mac supported jailbreak was finally released.)

  • You have not included a single shred of useful information here, like which devices are supported by each method. This is pure regurgitation of already widely-known information.

  • Krizvi

    Dear Friends,

    i red all the comments and found one question 3 to 4 times, but didnt find any proper logical answer from you, the same question i would like to ask.

    i have iphone 4-32gb with OS 4.1, i jail break successfully in after 5 to 6 times try using greenpois0n. but it’s done and working normally, as i think as i didnt use so much.

    i met with my friend yesterday he JB his iphone4 through limera1n and advise me to do it thorugh limera1n, as they are professional team and greenpois0n team is new and also they have some problems in installing through cydia or some apps or it’s asking some times to restart iphone4 when i installed some times and app more then 4 to 6 mb likewise.

    so my question is, we accpeted both methods are capable to JB iphone4, but what is the difference between greenpois0n and limera1n? what are the advantages and disadvantages, and finally which methode should apply on iphone4.

    please make sure my iphone 4 already unlock (mean i can use any network anywhere) i have done jailbreak only to install free apps.

    please reply your comment at


    Best Regards,

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