Android 2.2 hits Samsung Galaxy S (GT- i9000)

Samsung Galaxy S Android phone
Samsung Galaxy S Android phone

Nordic countries like Denmark and Norway, along with many more, will be happy to hear that their Samsung Galaxy S can be upgraded to Android 2.2 Froyo today via Samsung Kies.

If you’ve yet to see what you can expect from Android 2.2 Froyo, we suggest you take a look at the rundown of the features here. The Galaxy S is one mighty beast as it is on Android 2.1, but the boost to 2.2 will give users access to the JIT compiler, the JavaScript V8 engine, Flash support and much more.

We’ve yet to hear that the update is being sent out over the air, so until we hear otherwise, we suggest you download Samsung Kies to get your Froyo on.

Samsung Kies is a program that will allow users to upgrade to the newest version of Android, as well as sync photos and other media to your phone from your computer. You might remember the Kies program from the Vibrant update that was supposed to fix the GPS issues that plagued many users, only to have T-Mobile tell us to avoid the update. Well, it’s back and this time around it’s ok to use the program.

Samsung highlights some of the core features you can can expect from the update,

– Google MapsTM with Navigation: GPS navigation system with voice guidance

– Adobe Flash Player 10.1: Allow the web browser to make full use of the whole web

– Setup Wizard: Quickly customize the Galaxy S and access networks with ease

– Home Screen/Menu Preview and Edit : Preview by pinch-zoom

– Search in-Browser : Google, Translate, Wikipedia, Dictionary

Nothing too new here, but all features are welcomed. What’s most interesting is the “Home Screen/Menu Preview and Edit : Preview by pinch-zoom,” as that sounds very similar to what HTC has done with its Leap feature – we’ll take it!

Anyone update to Froyo on their Galaxy S yet? If so, how’s it treating you?

[Via: SamsungMobile]

  • Android Market is not shipped with it, do not update if you want to install apps. Only Samsung Market is available

  • Android Market is not shipped with it, do not update if you want to install apps. Only Samsung Market is available

  • My Galaxy S phone is the T-Mobile Vibrant, and I’ll wait for the LONG DELAYED UPDATE through my carrier. I just hope that T-Mobile won’t add to much bloatware and take away native 2.2 abilities like WiFi tethering as they did with the G2.

  • sgs

    do a factory reboot after upgrading and the Market will appear again.

  • Harangad Singh

    Just hard reset the phone and you will get the market 🙂

  • Mossible

    I just got the update tonight, i have samsung galaxy s, thru tmobile. it just popped up on my phone.

  • I’ve used the leaked 2.2 update on my Captivate for a couple weeks and I really like it. I’m actually in the midst of downloading the stock 2.2 leak (rather than using the hacked Cognition 2.2 Beta) so I can keep everything to as close to real stock as possible… of course, that is until the actual real stock comes out, in which case I’ll do all of this over again. Ah, the joys of being a geek… 🙂

  • craig

    Does the GPS improve at all?

  • craig

    Does the GPS improve at all?

  • are any of you in the uk, I really need to get froyo 2.2 for the i9000 but kies just will not update the firmware,
    can any help?

    • Asif S Baig

      Hi Gareth, did you ever get this working? It’s really frustrating, my friend on Vodaphone has updated his, straight through Kies. What is it with the tmobile version galaxys ??? 🙁

  • Roger Romeo

    any news of updates in MALAYSIA?

  • Denolan28

    how do i get the update for galaxy s in south africa im annoyed from this bullshit

  • Pimpon26

    how can I get Android 2.2 in Mexico ? Does any one knows ?

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