Palm Pre 2 appears briefly at SFR, 99€ with contract and 449€ off contract (UPDATED: now official)

Palm Pre SFR

Palm Pre SFR

SFR continues to be a source of leaked information for the Palm Pre 2. The French wireless carrier prematurely launched its product ordering page for the Palm Pre 2 and possibly revealed the details and the pricing for this rumored successor to the Palm Pre. The product page, which has now been pulled by SFR, listed details already spotted in a previous leak and include a 1GHz processor, 512MB RAM, and webOS 2.0. Also added to our list of leaked specs include a 5-megapixel camera, 16GB of storage, weight of 145 grams, and a battery life that boasts of 10 hours in call time. Pricing was also unveiled this time and SFR reveals that the Pre 2 may debut with a 99€ ($137 USD) contract and 449€ ($622 USD) off contract price.

The Pre 2 is the highly anticipated successor to the Palm Pre, a handset that launched with fanfare and quickly fizzled out. The Pre was plagued with hardware and software issues including abysmal battery performance, sticky key problems that produced double letters when typing, and a weak hinge that caused the slider mechanism to break in a phenomena lovingly called the “oreo cookie effect”. Sales of the Pre have been weaker than expected with carriers slashing the price on this handset and Verizon Wireless even offering mobile hotspot feature for free.

Hope for the successor to the Palm Pre has been high but the current leaked information suggests a modest upgrade for this smartphone from Palm. The form factor remains relatively the same and the processor gets a small bump up to 1GHz. This leak does not provide launch details but given the amount and calibre of information hitting the wire, I expect the Pre 2 to become official soon.

UPDATE: HP and Palm confirmed the Palm Pre 2 will be landing on SFR starting on Friday, October 22nd!

[Via PreCentral]

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