MyTouch 4G gets benchmarked, is sexy fast

If you’re holding out for the upcoming MyTouch 4G, you may have made the right decision. The upcoming Android smartphone from T-mobile has just been benchmarked, and it flies.

Someone who is lucky enough to get to hold one of these smartphones was nice enough to put the device through its paces by benchmarking it with Quadrant and Linpack. While we’ve seen fast scores with an overclocked T-Mobile G2, the myTouch 4G easily beats the Nexus One with Froyo, without any overclocking required. The Linpack test was less impressive than the Quadrant score, as it received a score of 34.4 MFLOPS, while my not-overclocked G2 hit 33.3 MFLOPS with no problems at all.

The Quadrant (standard) score, however, was more than impressive when it hit a score just above 1800. So right out of the gate it’s kicking some Nexus One ass, as well as pretty much any other Android handset that hasn’t been overclocked. The MyTouch 4G will certainly be a powerhouse of a phone, and may be perfect for the power user who doesn’t need a physical keyboard.

While most specs have yet to be officially confirmed, we do know that the handset will  sport a 1GHz second gen Snapdragon processor, a 3.8 inch display, 5 megapixel shooter with LED flash that records in 720p, front-facing camera for video chatting on either WiFi or data, WiFi, Bluetooth, 3.5mm headphone jack, and the customized Sense UI with T-Mobile optimizations Рmuch like the MyTouch Slide.

A source of ours says that the MyTouch 4G will come with 768MBs of RAM, which is the same as the Desire HD. So even with its smaller display, and shaving a couple megapixel off of the camera, the upcoming MyTouch 4G will be just as much of a beast as the Desire HD.

Is this the Android you’re looking for?

[Via: AndroidCentral]

  • Tom

    Wow, I always considered the MyTouch to be kind of a low-end phone but this is pretty impressive.

    • Bob

      The old MyTouch phones were lower-end, but this new one is awesome. BTW, I just did a quadrant full benchmark and got 1934 on a stock phone.

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