MyTouch 4G & Desire HD benchmarks head to head

Desire HD and MyTouch 4G benchmarks
Desire HD and MyTouch 4G benchmarks

Two of the hottest phones coming to market are undoubtedly the MyTouch 4G and Desire HD. Both made by HTC, the handsets share similar specs in some departments, and so we figured we’d benchmark both devices with Quadrant to see exactly how they both fared. With scores that destroy a Nexus One with Froyo, it’s easy to see that the second-generation Snapdragon silicon packs a much stronger punch, even at the same clock speed as the first-gen silicon.

The MyTouch 4G will be the next in T-Mobile custom Android line, and it’s sure to be a hit. The Desire HD is a powerhouse of a phone destined to leave many smartphones in the dust. Both handsets share their similarities, but are very different in their own ways as well. When it comes to speed, however, they are in the same boat, and our benchmarks indicate that they run roughly at the same speed as one another.

We used Quadrant to put both of these handsets through their paces, and both returned rather stunning results. Both of the devices scored passed the 1750 mark, upwards of 1850+. In our tests, the Desire HD hit a score of 1882, and the MyTouch 4G came in a little lower at 1857, easily besting the Nexus One on 2.2, which for some time had been the handset to beat.

With the recent overclocking of the Galaxy S to 1.6GHz, we’re wondering what these two handsets could achieve if overclocked. Both the DHD and MT4G sport the next generation of Snapdragon processors, so the potential hackery is a dream come true, if it can be done. In either case, overclocked or not, you likely won’t be complaining that these devices are just too slow.

One thing is for sure, and that’s that HTC is once again positioning themselves for great success with yet another awesome handset line up powered by Android. The manufacturer also  has a handful of Windows Phone 7 handsets on their way, so we won’t be in any short supply of HTC smartphone options this year.

So which is the phone for you? Desire HD, or MyTouch 4G,  or something WP7 flavored?

  • lol i love how people love to compete with this stuff. It is so pointless!! Look at the wp7 and iphone with its old processors and look how smooth those phones run. I gues if your a specs junkie then you’d want one of these lol.

    • Armydiaz0984

      u sir, are an idiot, u have no clue wut ur talking about so please STFU

  • Since when were the Qualcomm 1ghz processors the wp7 phones are using considered old?

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