Samsung GT-P1010 is the Galaxy Tab without 3G

Guess we all knew something like this is in works. I’m talking about a version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab that lacks 3G radio, allowing users to connect to the Internet when in a hotspot, only.

The model marked GT-P1010 has been leaked recently and as far as know it will keep its Galaxy Tab core. GPS may be out too, like that was the case with the WiFi-only iPad.

Pricing and the exact availability date are unknown at this stage. However, the Android tablet got an FCC approval, hinting us the launch may not be far away. Then again, if I were at Samsung, I would make sure my carrier clients are satisfied first, before launching a product that lacks 3G connectivity.

As soon as we hear something new on this front, we’ll definitely talk about it. Stay tuned in the meantime…

[Via: SamsungHub]

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