T-Mobile G2 Gets Wi-Fi Calling and Tethering Tomorrow

T-Mobile G2 owners are so lucky this week. First, your phones magically became 4G devices over night – literally – and now it looks like your Android smartphones will be getting UMA capabilities, too. Starting tomorrow, T-Mobile will be rolling out an update that will enable Wi-Fi calling on your handsets. It’s perfect for those times where you’re three levels underground in some secret lab and your only connection to humanity is a Wi-Fi connection. Additionally, you’ll also have tethering capabilities for when you’re back on the surface.

This plays very nicely with the $15 tethering plan that we heard about recently. Couple that with T-Mobile’s speedy HSPA+ network coverage and you actually have a decent broadband solution for your laptop computer.

The update will also bring a number of changes and fixes, but no details on those just yet. So keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for the update and let us know how it goes. If it doesn’t hit your G2 tomorrow, just be a little patient as the update is a rollout that will continue through November 8.

[Via: TMO News]

  • Enjoying wifi calling right now. it is interesting to see that text messages go over wifi also.

    • Anonymous

      How about Froyo wireless tethering, and wifi hotspot?

  • I text over wifi

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