AT&T says no Windows Phone 7 for pre-order

Windows Phone 7 is arriving at AT&T in just a couple of days and if you were looking to beat the crowds, you’ll have to get there early. According to the carrier’s Twitter account, there will be no pre-orders available. It’s all first come, first served. In a tweet to a curious user, AT&T says:

Nathan, It’ll be available in AT&T Corp stores and online, sold on a first come first serve basis on 11/8.

These days it almost seems uncommon that a carrier wouldn’t allow pre-orders for major phone launches. The iPhone was available for pre-order for AT&T, and several Android devices were also available for pre-order from Sprint and Verizon.

If you get a hunch that waiting around for the HTC Surround or Samsung Focus until after work isn’t going to cut it for you on the day November 8, you might want to hit stores early or get online early!

[Via: WindowsPhoneSecrets and Twitter]

  • confirmed. ATT wants WP7 to fail.

  • Jason

    I just confirmed that AT&T stores in my area (Southern California) will not be opening early, so unless I take the day off of work to stand in line for the 10 am open time, I’ll have to wait until after work.

    With a bit of luck, I’ll get out of work early.

  • lamereasons

    Dream on Joseph, sounds like you want WP7 to fail. I bet this launch will exceed predictions. I can’t tell you how many people I know will buy and switch to WP7 as soon as they can.

    • no, I actually want one…but from the interactions I’ve had with certain ATT reps, I’d say there is an internal contingent that is carrying out Jobs wishes. But if you ask them about iPhone they fall over themselves trying to get you info. It’s sick.

  • I don’t think this is driven by ATT. This is probably part of the marketing strategy by Microsoft. They want long lines at ATT retail stores for product launch. This will ensure coverage by national/local media and likely create a sense of scarcity and/or additional buzz for the phones, helping to boost demand.

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