Kik Messenger app blows past 1 million users

Android, BlackBerry, iPhone get Kik Messenger app

Android, BlackBerry, iPhone get Kik Messenger appThere appears to be a strong demand for the ability to circumvent the carriers for quick messages, as the Kik Messenger app for the Apple iPhone, Android and BlackBerry has just surpassed 1 million users in only a few short weeks.

The Kik Messenger app is downloaded to your Apple iPhone, Android or BlackBerry and then it will dip through your contact list and recommend contacts for you. These users will also have to get the Kik Messenger app but then you’ll be able to send free messages to others users. Think of it as a free SMS or IM client.

I can understand the appeal of a client like this but I’m still not blown away by Kik Messenger but that’s probably because none of my friends use it. I suppose it’s a good way to avoid paying for text messages but I use Google Voice anyways, so I’m not too concerned about that. There’s also no ability to do group chats or send media-rich messages.

If I were to use a service like this, I think I’d stick to textPlus, as it is more fully featured and it can even get you a number if you’re using it on a device like the Apple iPod touch.

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  • messengers and texting apps are different. kik has its purpose and a lot of my friends are on it, prob bc im a college student. textplus is cool but is much slower. kik messages are almost instantaneous and its nice to see when the other person is typing back. nice that i don’t really have to know their messenger id beforehand if they’re in my contacts.

    in short: i think it has some staying power.

    • Jeangrey

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  • Matumbo

    i have to agree with tha homie xavier up here , kik is chill and all and most people i kick it with know what the biz is . no what im saying? and yea tex plus is pretty slugghah , ya feel?
    IN SHORT ? wth are you talking about cuh
    you been getting twisted or what my nigg . if you looking for tht fade come catch it cuh nigg.
    you AINT got no friends o kik it to ma nigg . you aint in college cuz you dropped out my nigg , what you trippin for
    you know were i be
    come get that fade you a punk ma dude
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    come get what you want little nigga ‘
    yea a punk like you wont respond liitle nigg

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  • Ots23

    …wow matumbo… wow

  • i’d definitely stick with textplus over this half featured clone

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      i agree

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  • its due to its amazing feature..kik maintained its value among other messengers..

  • Kik is faster than others.

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