TekTrak Pro is a cheap GPS tracking service for the iPhone

An LA, California-based company called TekTrak launched an affordable and easy to use GPS tracking service/app combo for the iPhone users. Available for just $4.99 a year, TekTrak Pro allows iPhone owners to access their device’s location information from anywhere as often as they like from the tektrak.com website.

With TekTrak, you can not only see the real-time location of your phone but also go through the location history – where the iPhone was and when. Moreover, there’s the option to remotely ring or send push notifications to the iPhone, which is kinda neat.

The iPhone app runs in the background which ensures GPS is not continuously on, draining the battery. The location is checked at predetermined time intervals, and can be adjusted to continuous or hour-long periods as well.

Finally, in addition to the paid app (TekTrak Pro), TekTrak is also working on a free version that will allow 2 uses only… AppStore link is below.

TekTrak Pro ($4.99) [iTunes link]

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