ZTE Peel landing at Sprint on November 14th?

Sprint ZTE PeelThe ZTE Peel is a 3G-enabled sleeve for the iPod touch that hit the scene earlier this year when its EV-DO radio was tested by the FCC. The Peel appeared at the FCC with Sprint-branding which suggests the wireless carrier will offer the accessory as mobile broadband option for its iPod touch-owning customers.

The device would let customers browse the Internet from their iPod touch, use other data-centric applications, and possibly enable voice calling using a VoIP solution. Sprint does not offer the iPhone and this will presumably be marketed as the next best thing.

The latest rumor out of BGR hints at a November 14th launch date for this 3G-enabled device. Rumored plan information suggests the Peel will be available with a $30 monthly plan that provides 1GB of data. Pricing for the actual device was not available but it will reportedly be sold contract-free.

If this rumor pans out, look for more details to come down the pike very soon. Anyone interested in the ZTE Peel or does it make the iPod touch too much of an iPhone wannabe?

[Via BGR]

  • yo2boy

    Hah, this is awesome. If only others did it too in other countries.

  • Narmer122

    It sounds like such a cool accessory for iPod Touch, and contract free is good, but it seems like a lot of money for a capped-use service. Maybe if use of the device were shared on one account, like adding an extra line, that might be more reasonable to me. It’s just that after buying this (how much is this thing anyway?) to start a monthly plan for a music player seems like late 90s expendable income, not today’s! And it strikes me that aside from high storage needs, the iPod Touch crowd is younger and less able to bear the expense. I mean, I know iPod is the standard for music players, but I find I love the music player in my smartphone, actually prefer it to my old iPod (don’t have a new one) and aside from space, enhanceable with an msd card, I prefer having just one device for so many functions (music player, video, gps, anywhere web access, wi-fi, and lest we forget, talkie thing)

  • Mollywai


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