AT&T Samsung Galaxy Tab hits November 21st for $649 with no-contract data plan options

We thought that AT&T might have been the first to release the Samsung Galaxy Tab, but it looks like they will be last of the four major US carriers to offer the Android tablet from Samsung. On top of that, AT&T also has made the upcoming 7 inch tablet the most expensive out of all available carrier versions.

The AT&T Galaxy Tab will run you $649 without a contract, around $50 more than the Verizon version. To ease pricing concerns, AT&T is offering pay-as-you-go data plans for the Tab, which may be helpful for some, but still may not justify the purchase for others. For $15 a month, AT&T is offering a 30-day 250MB plan, and for $25 you can grab 2GB. I believe the latter option is better, as you’ll likely find yourself using the Tab just to use it.

While I have my eye on a certain Android tablet with a hybrid display, I still don’t think that I need a tablet. That said, once I do purchase a tablet, I’ll likely use it even when I don’t have anything to do on it. It’s a new toy to play with and I will probably find myself surfing the web more than I normally would just because it’s so new, and the extra screen real estate will just make me want to touch it that much more. That’s why I would go with the 2GB plan, as you may find yourself hanging out somewhere without WiFi, streaming a video or whatnot, only to realize you just consumed a lot of data.

We’re not sure why AT&T is so late to the game, as now Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile are now carrying the Tab, all at varying prices. AT&T’s Galaxy Tab is also more expensive than any other version of the Android tablet hyped as the iPad competitor.

In either case, potential AT&T Galaxy Tab owners will be able to grab the thing come Sunday. So, who’s grabbing one?

[Via: SamsungUSA]

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