Verizon offers $10 per line discount for smartphone owners on a Family SharePlan

Verizon Store

Verizon Store

Verizon confirmed that it will offer a discount on the price of a multi-line Family SharePlan if you buy a new smartphone. Starting tomorrow November 19th, customers that buy a smartphone from Verizon will have the $9.99 monthly additional line fee waived for the entire length of the two-year contract. This monthly savings tallies up to $240 per line over the life of the contract. This $9.99 discount applies to each additional line on a Family SharePlan and can save customers up to $40 total per month on a plan that has five lines.

To be eligible for the discounted plan, the customer must subscribe to a Nationwide Family SharePlan. The minimum plan starts at $69.99 per month and offers 700 voice minutes. Each eligible line on this Family SharePlan must carry a smartphone and subscribe to a $29.99 monthly unlimited data plan. Though not explicitly stated, the discount apparently applies only to customers who buy a new phone during the promotion and not those on existing plans.

The promotion begins on November 19th and ends January 7th, 2011. It is timed perfectly for those that are purchasing a smartphone for themselves or a loved one during the holiday shopping season. Full press release is on the next page.

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