Google Sky Maps for Android gets time travel

Google Sky Maps (Android) gets time travel

Google Sky Maps (Android) gets time travel Google has just updated its Sky Maps for Android app and it has added the ability to see what the sky looked like at different moments. That’s right folks, Sky Maps for Android now has time travel.

According to Google:

Have you ever wondered how the sky was back in 1900? How the sky looked when the Apollo 11 moon landing happened? Or what the sky will look like next Thursday night for your planned star-gazing trip?

Today, the new version of Google Sky Map lets you time travel to see the sky at a specific date, past or future. After smooth travel to the desired year, you can fast forward or rewind in various speeds and watch how the sky changes.

Google Sky Maps is a pretty cool app and it’s one of my go-to programs to show off when people ask me what’s so cool about a smartphone. It’s also one of the few high-profile apps which is on Android and not the iPhone – Verizon even uses this program to tout its Droid lineup in television commercials.

This mobile planetarium program is available now for Android 1.6 devices and above, so go ahead and check it out and let us know what you think.

[Via Google Mobile blog]

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