Android catching up to iPhone for ads

iPhone, Android neck and neck for ad impressions
iPhone, Android neck and neck for ad impressions

Android is nearly on par with the Apple iPhone in terms of ad impressions, according to Millenial Media. While this isn’t an exact measurement of market size, it is a strong indication that the little, green robot is picking up steam.

The mobile ad network said it covers about 80% of the mobile Interent and its ads can reach about 73.5 million mobile customers. This report said requests for Android devices have increased 65% from September, and it has grown 2,182% since January.

That’s not much of a surprise, as Android has been on a rocket ship to the moon and is outselling the iPhone and BlackBerry in the United States. This has been boosted by high-profile handsets like the Droid X, Samsung Galaxy S phones and numerous carrier promotions.

Android and iOS both garnered 37% of all mobile ad impressions but Apple was still the top device manufacturer with about 25%. This was followed by Samsung at 17%, Motorola with almost 15%, Research In Motion at 13% and then HTC at about 7%.

The Apple iPhone 4 was the top single device, followed by the BlackBerry Curve, the iPod touch, the Motorola Droid and then the Samsung Freeform.

Apple continues to see success with the iPhone lineup and this may be boosted early next year if the device winds up on Verizon, as rumored. Many think that the only way left for Apple to gain market share is to break its exclusive deal with AT&T.

Market share or not, Apple continues to rake in the profits with its iOS lineup, far more than any other handset maker. As for Google, it wants Android to be ubiquitous because it plans to monetize through advertising, search and, eventually, selling content like digital books, music and more content. Google has even said that it expects Android to be a $10 billion industry.

[Via Millennial Media]

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