Sprint WiMax in Los Angeles: When it comes to data pipes, size matters

Sprint is launching WiMax in Los Angeles, my hometown, on December 1 and it’s heralding the launch with a promotional video much like it did for New York City. If you’ve been wondering just how Sprint’s “4G” network fares with its competitors, it’s all about its data pipes – or the amount of spectrum available for data transmission. Sprint has one big pipe, and it’s not afraid to call out its competitors with some visual representation.

Also, I find it equally impressive that Sprint plans to have coverage going as far east as Ontario (which means some of San Bernardino county will get WiMax) and as far south as Anaheim. Just don’t expect to get WiMax coverage in Space Mountain or Soaring Over California.

Let’s not forget my home away from home, however, as San Francisco is slated to get 4G coverage before the year is over. To hear more about the Los Angeles launch, check out the video below.

[Via: MobileCrunch]

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