Find My iPhone now available for free without a MobileMe subscription

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone

Apple announced iOS 4.2.1 today and buried within the press release is the news that its Find My iPhone service will no longer require the $99 yearly MobileMe subscription.The free service allows you to communicate with your iOS device when it has been lost or stolen. Using a web interface, you can find your device on a map, lock it remotely, play a sound, or even remotely wipe the device.

To use the service, you will need an iPhone 4, iPad, or an iPod Touch 4th generation with iOS 4.2.1 and the Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod app which will be available for free as a download from iTunes. Presumably, the updated version of the app will be available later today when Apple rolls out the iOS 4.2.1 update.

While rumors last week hinted at Apple offering MobileMe as a free service, Apple is apparently not ready to go full-bore with the free service. With the changes to this iOS-based remote service, Apple is taking the consumer-friendly portion of MobileMe and making it free for the consumer. This move will please many consumers and will help Apple stay one step ahead of other mobile platforms like Windows Phone, which also offers a similar remote location service for free.

[Via Apple]

  • mark

    Works fine on iPhone 3GS as well

    • Jmej10288

      not too sure how you were able to set up without mobile me account? I was told not to update my iphone 3 because it would run slow, do you find that too?

      • Rihanna9o

        well it depend if you gelbroke it ur done umm it might not if you do update but ive updated my ipod and it has gone pretty slow but now its done

    • Sandra


  • Omg

    wait so you need an Ipad to find your iphone?

  • Kevin m murphy

    I don’t get it.  just what do you need to use to find the iphone?

  • Bell

    Hello.. friends i was so upset and down.. cau here tose i lost my iphone 4 few days aga. I really wish to find my iphone and
    get it back. But i didn install mobile me or any find iphone app in my
    iphone. Am i manage to get back my iphone? and i been made calls to
    apple services centre. but no one pick up the call. Could any kind and
    talented user teach me?? Thanks u very very much..

  • Watts

    how can i find my i phone 4 if i did not install mobile me or any other apps …HELP

  • Rihanna9o

    well if u have a computer by apple you can download find my iphone or i dont know but i think it has i cloud instaled already so if you have your email from ur device u  might me safe. but u can create an i cloud account and type in ur devices info

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