Multiple Twitter reports of people saying Android 2.3 Gingerbread now available on the Google Nexus One

Do a search for “Gingerbread” on Twitter and prepare to be jealous at the mass of people who are reporting that Google just pushed an update to their Nexus One with the latest version of the Android operating system. We’ve written about Gingerbread before, many times, but here’s pretty much all you need to know about why you should be excited:

NFC (Near Field Communication) support is coming, meaning that you’ll soon be able to tap on payment terminals when picking up your daily cup of coffee and croissant from the café. You’ll also be able to tap objects and get more information about them, from anything to pulling up a line of text, to a website, to initiating playback of a video. The best feature, at least for all the social butterflies out there, will be tap to exchange contact information. No more business cards!

There’s also going to be a more refined user interface. When you lock your screen, instead of it going black immediately you’ll get transition that’s similar to the effect of shutting off an old cathode ray tube television. Graphics are also going to be a bit more squared off and dark. Since Google pretty much finished Android from a functionality perspective with Android 2.2, it’s now going to be all about polishing up the rough edges from here on out.

And finally video chat is coming, which unlike Apple with their proprietary FaceTime system that only works on other iPhones and only over WiFi, it’s expected that all Android 2.3 users, regardless of WiFi or 3G connectivity, will be able to share their ugly mug with their friends and family.

Stay tuned as we get more news. An official press release has not yet been released, but it shouldn’t take long. What’s weird is that it’s 00:24 in California and 03:24 in New York, so maybe they’re going to treat this like a holiday present?

Update: It appears to be a two stage update. Thanks to Twitter user @macintosh for the image below. He’s on his morning commute to work, so once he gets inside the office we hope to bring you more details!

Update: And it seems like we were wrong. Same Twitter user above said this an hour ago: “Seems i was premature gingerbreadulation”

  • Well, in fact it was just an update on android 2.2.1 build FRG83D 🙁

    • Anonymous

      The 2.2.1 build FRG83D is only about 1.3 MB, and wouldn’t need it to be a two-part update. This is obviously something else.

      • Tonythetiger

        Well it is FRG83D – my N1 updated last night, 2 part update.

        • MHSWEDEN

          Same here.. nothing new.. 🙁

  • I received a two part update this morning as well, it was 2 tiny packages resulting, as Henning has said, in Android 2.2.1 FRG83D. Fingers crossed it is a sign that froyo is coming soon.

    • Mandar

      Did you mean Gingerbread ? 🙂


    About 5 days ago I got FRG83D but it was only a one part update from memory……

  • G-MaN

    the other update is hboot 0.35, the korean n1 has

  • Anonymous

    Stefan: I got this update last week as well. I mean this two stage update. Here’s the Dutch article with screenshots to prove it:

  • Yes, you were wrong. Maybe you should rewrite the whole article and headline, instead of just a tiny update at the bottom?

  • Mr. Obvious

    how sad that you stake your journalist cred on some twiitter feeds from end users

  • Enoel69

    I got the same update ystday…it was FRG83D…i’m guessing prepping up the N1s for G/Bread delivery. Anytime now i hope…Gooogle pls don’t make us w8 too long…those breads are better served when still hot..u don’t want them to go stale sitting there waiting for Samsung Nexus S to play catch up. It would be nice if they are both ready to go…if not then there is still a Nexus N1 ready to showcase GB.

  • Ok, you made the mistake, now remove the article. I know you’re just keeping this article posted to attract people to you website, you aren’t fooling anyone! Moves like this will seriously hurt your reputation. Not the initial mistake, but keeping the article posted with no more than an update statement at the end of the article.

  • Anonymous

    nothing like investigative journalism to add to your credibility. goodbye! I just dropped you from my feed.

    • Anonymous

      Adios. But you’re not reading, so I guess it doesn’t matter

  • Bringer Gead? Kon’t Dnow? Lore Mater?…..

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