Nokia E7 available for pre-order in the UK via Expansys

And I thought the Nokia E7 will hit the market (or at least select markets) by the end of this year. That still may be true, but it seems not all retailers (and I guess not all carriers) will get it at the same time. Take Expansys for instance – one would think they will be among the first to offer Nokia’s QWERTY keyboard-equipped smartphone. Apparently not so – they are now accepting pre-orders for the black version of the device with availability set for January 10th, 2010. Like that’s not enough, the price is outrageous – whopping 583.96 GBP which is about $937! What happened to the “495 EUR before taxes and subsidies” price?

Few days ago at a local Nokia Ovi event in Belgrade, Serbia I had a chance to play with the pre-production E7 unit and I must say I’m impressed. The screen is gorgeous and the keyboard rocks. However, opening that keyboard is a pain, but the guy from Nokia emphasized it’s still not the final version so I’m hoping that will be fixed once the E7 hits the market. If that happens – I want it! As a matter of fact, I’ve emailed Nokia to get a loan review unit with an option to buy if I like it. Hopefully, something will come out of it — Nokia are you listening? 🙂

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