BlueAnt’s Q2 Platinum Bluetooth headset rocks superb audio quality, wind noise resistance

BlueAnt Wireless is out with another Bluetooth headset. Their latest baby is called BlueAnt Q2 Platinum, and it’s touted as a “fashion-forward addition to the critically acclaimed Q2 product line.”

Aside from the superb audio quality, the Q2 also comes with the “first fully integrated text-to-speech feature” that delivers complete hands-free communications. To activate it, simply say “Phone Commands” and you’re ready to make a call. Answering calls is equally easy — all you have to say is “Answer” or “Ignore,” if you decide not to answer.

Moreover, there’s the “Caller Name Announce” feature that reads the names of incoming callers from a database of up to 2,000 mobile phone contacts, which are transferred automatically when the phone and headset are paired.

Also worth noting is the inclusion of Wind Armour Technology, apparently the “most advanced noise cancellation on the market” (twice the industry average) as well as professionally sculpted and precision-tuned sound. Finally, there’s the tight integration with Microsoft’s Bing 411 service for accessing to stock quotes, movie times, weather, sports, news, traffic updates and more.

Finally, if you happen to own an Android smartphone, you’ll be glad to know that Q2 Platinum can sing along BlueAnt’s Android app we talked about in the past.

The price you ask? It’s $129…

And before you leave, make sure to check out BlueAnt’s short-film “Gotta Run,” which the company prepared as part of its marketing efforts. Enjoy!

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