Looming Windows Phone 7 update may not be ‘massive’

The looming Windows Phone 7 update won\'t be \"massive\"
The looming Windows Phone 7 update won't be "massive"

The rumors have been swirling that Microsoft Windows Phone 7 will get a “massive” update in January which will bring it copy and paste, as well as make it a so-called iPhone killer. Well, there is definitely an update coming with copy and paste but it may not be as massive as we had previously thought.

According to All Things D, the January Windows Phone 7 update will include two major things: support for CDMA networks and copy and paste. The first is quite important because it means devices like the the HTC 7 Pro for Sprint can be ready to rock and roll.

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 hasn’t been a massive hit so far but device on CDMA networks could help its adoption rate. We know that a device or two will eventually make its way to the nation’s largest carrier, Verizon, so this is a much-needed update.

The copy and paste aspect has been promised and shown off before, so it’s not much of a surprise. I was shocked it didn’t launch with Windows Phone 7 because these devices come preloaded with Microsoft Office software – How can Office not have copy and paste?

The previous reports suggested that Windows Phone 7 could get some form of multitasking with this update but that doesn’t appear to be the case yet. That’s kind of a shame because the lack of persistent third-party apps can be quite annoying – We speak about that in our full review of the new smartphone platform.

I don’t think the platform needs full-blown multitasking like Android, Symbian and others have but a compromised solution like iOS 4.0 could work pretty well. That type of update would probably take a massive reworking, so I wouldn’t expect it until the 2.0 version, which could hit next fall.

What do you want from this looming update?

[Via All Things D]

  • Anonymous

    This is what I want fixed… see post #1 after clicking the link below. Am I asking too much? Probably.

    (Consider this a master bug list thread that is constantly being updated)


  • Billyniehaus

    Multitasking is a must and Flash support now not later.

    • For many multitasking purposes, isolated storage + push notifications is more than enough to accomplish “multitasking”. Right now this is quite common because the platform is relatively new – it’s only been a few months since it was released, developers are still coding, and it’s not trivial – it takes some extra work to accomplish “multitasking” using isolated storage and push notifiations.

      I agree with you that *true* multitasking support needs to be implemented at some point. They need to implement some means for the app to continue running in the background without being tombstoned. Right now, a significant segment of the third party app market has been completely monopolized by Microsoft due to the fact that the operating system can take advantage of multitasking, but the SDK does not offer this functionality to developers. An example of this would be media player apps – go look and see how many different media player apps are on android and iphone. There’s a lot of them! On windows phone 7, no one bothers developing media player apps because of this limitation placed on developers.

      As for flash support, at this point in time I disagree. There’s a lot of things that are way more important – improvements to the OS itself, further improvements to the SDK and allow more integration with the operating system (contacts, calendar, software keyboard, change default web browser), and improvements to the marketplace / app hub are much more important. Internet explorer is also a huge priority for WP7 at this point (I hope); the current “IE 7.5” on WP7 is absolutely unacceptable. EVEN if all that stuff was implemented, I still wouldn’t care about flash – I don’t see why so many people NEED flash on their mobile device. Flash apps are almost always developed for the browser and the experience is annoying (if not inaccessible) when you’re viewing it at 480×800 resolution. (When you’ve got a scrolling web browser, and scrolling elements within a flash app, things tend to get weird at low resolutions)

  • MicroSoft are not really in the mobile phones business however this is a very nice stepping stone to the ultimate mobile device – a device we now call a phone with some computer apps will become a computer with phone capabilities – in a current sized smartphone package.

    I’m not sure why else MicroSoft would venture into mobile phones.

    • Why

      put the keyboard down

    • Why

      put the keyboard down

  • Nick Bicanic

    How about some simple stuff like apis for developers to access the address book…even Iphone allows that…oh and compass

  • Anonymous

    “as well as make it a so-called iPhone killer.”

    Did anybody from Microsoft ever used that description of their OS or future updates? First of all, the whole “iPhone killer” is something invented by the i-blogsphere to give the idea that the whole mobile world circles around the iPhone. Second, Nokia still sells more smartphones globally, Android is the most adopted smartphone OS in the US, and Blackberry the most used among business users — these are the guys that need to be “killed” first. Third, Apple is killing its own future by sticking to the static grid of icons paradigm that’s being used in mobile computers since 1999… Microsoft already stepped ahead with a completely different UI.

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