iPhone 4 is the number one obsession in 2010, fanboys everywhere gloat in unison

Yahoo! News just announced the iPhone 4 as the number one obsession of 2010. It’s not terribly surprising given the attention the Apple smartphone received thanks to the story of its leak back in April, the “Antennagate” issue that caused a media stir and the subsequent whispers of the reason why we don’t have a white version of the device yet. Then there was the “Glassgate” rumor regarding slide-on cases and cracked glass that failed to take off, but it was very briefly discussed nonetheless.

Love it or hate it – and perhaps those two sentiments is the reason why the iPhone 4 got so much attention – Apple’s smartphone dominated a lot of the news this year. Any and every little thing that happened with the device (or didn’t happen in the case of the white iPhone 4) made headlines. I think it’s pretty safe to say that the iPhone 4 deserves its spot as the number one obsession of 2010.

Not too surprisingly, the iPad came in at number three for this year’s top 10 obsessions. One thing I ought to make clear is that the list isn’t limited to technology or gadgets, which makes the consideration and placement of these two devices that much more noteworthy. If recognition on Yahoo! News’ top 10 list isn’t enough for the iPad, it also happens to be Oprah’s number one favorite thing this year. The climb for the Samsung Galaxy Tab just got a little higher.

Isn’t it a little funny that around this time last year, there were many who were decrying tablet PCs and saying there was absolutely no market or need for them?

If the iPhone 4 and iPad were numbers one and three, respectively, who or what came in at number two? Lindsay Lohan. There really isn’t much more that needs to be said about that.

What do you think? Does Apple deserve this recognition or were there other items or people who deserve to be in the number one spot?

Before the fanboy in you takes over and your body goes into auto-pilot as you type out your comment, do note that the list isn’t for the best things ever in 2010; it’s for the things that the media obsessed over this year. Regardless of how I feel about either Apple device, there is no denying their influence when many of my non-geek friends know about the iPhone that was left in the bar, the antenna problems that plagued the device and think that every tablet device is an “iPad.”

[Yahoo! via TiPB]

  • Meh…no Flash support, censored content, no widgets or live wallpapers (unless you jailbreak it…and even then they are not nearly as good as Android). It doesnt help that you can hold it in the hand of your choice without dropping calls. But its not that the hardware sucks, its just that I feel like I would get real tired of Apple constantly telling me what I cant do with the phone I paid for. As a grown adult I think I am a better choice to decide what content I should have access to than Apple is.

  • blargh

    All this talk about content restriction and Apple’s strict control and I have yet to find anything I wish Apple didn’t restrict me from (but hey that’s my opinion). There’s also ways around some of it if you truly need. Sure jailbreaking is almost a must for many power users but so is rooting for some droid users. It’s been half a year since I’ve succumbed to the great fruit hype and I haven’t looked back. Among a few little things that are gradually being remedied with 3rd party solutions, the only thing my iPhone yearns from my Samsung Epic (work phone) is the 4″ screen. I used to love being able to build roms and tweak the living hell out of my WinMo devices. As far as capability I could do more than I can with today’s devices. But in the end it never truly did one thing very well. Android could very well bridge that gap although it’s not there yet. For now, I’ll have polish and stability. To each his own.

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