Brando has a new iPhone 4 case with integrated Bluetooth keyboard

If you are looking to add some physical QWERTY love to your beloved iPhone 4 and you dislike that Nokia N97 mini-like case we talked about in the past, Brando may have a product for you.

The useful (at least I think of it as such) accessory is simply called “iPhone 4 Case with Bluetooth Keyboard” and it will not only add the “QWERTY touch” to your iExperience, but also keep you shiny toy well protected in the “fine genuine leather.”

There are 49 keys included and an intelligent power manage software for power conservation that will allow you to more conveniently type (when compared to the virtual keyboard) for quite a few hours. In addition to the keyboard, the box also contains and installation CD (with User Manual pre-loaded) and a Micro USB to USB cable for charging…

And that’s about all we have to say about this product. Plus the price – it’s $39.90, which is like nothing when compared to all the convenience you get.

  • Jimbo

    Too bad. I’ve got an iPhone 3GS. I hope you’re around to make on for the iPhone 5.

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