Android 2.3 Gingerbread user guide available now (embedded)

Amidst a flurry of Android 2.3 Gingerbread news today, the details just keep piling on as the user guide has become available. If there was anything you needed to know about the new iteration of Google’s platform, this user guide ought to take care of it as it’s very thorough. Perhaps you’re already an Android Pro and you can figure most of this stuff out yourself, but with the Nexus S by Samsung coming next week, it’s good to have it as a reference guide.

The user guide shows you how to do everything from getting your Android device booted and started to downloading and managing applications. While there’s nothing quite like learning a new operating system on your own by digging around and figuring stuff out, for those who don’t have the time or might be the most tech savvy, this guide should get them moving right along.

Android Gingerbread is moving things right along and bringing a lot of new features that we’ve been looking forward to for quite some time. Near-Field Communication technologies and tablet screen compatibility are just a few, so the future is looking bright. Early 2011 should be an interesting time for Android users and fans as new hardware to support these advances emerge, along with devices like the Motorola Olympus, which will feature the Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor. In addition to Gingerbread’s improved battery management, having a dual-core processor may even give future Android devices an even bigger boost in battery life.

If you’re looking to pick up the Nexus S when it hits next week, or you’re just curious and want to poke around to find what Android 2.3 can do along with some screen shots, you can download the user guide from the link below. You can even print it, if you’re a die-hard Android fan, and read it in bed at night.

[Via: Google]

  • Bruce

    “You can even print it, if you’re a die-hard Android fan, and read it in bed at night.”

    Hah! A die-hard Android fan would be reading it on their Galaxy Tab at night! 🙂

  • Drewsmith021088

    email me at, im having an issue running revolutionary,exe. it detects the device. and doesnt wait. but it says the device is unsuported and doesnt prompt for the beta key

    • Drewsmith021088

       also problem with diag htc driver

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