CyanogenMod 6.1 goes final – Gingerbread on the way with CM7

CyanogenMod is one of the most loved custom ROMs available for Android OS, and we’re happy to tell you that the latest iteration from the CM team, CyanogenMod 6.1, has finally reached stable status. With CM 6.1 now in its final form, once the source code for Gingerbread is released, the CM team can begin working on CM7.

Supported phones for CM 6.1 is rather vast, and users with the following phones can install this build:

Nexus One


Dream (G1)

Sapphire(MyTouch 3G/Magic)



Espresso (myTouch 3G Slide)

Supersonic (Evo 4G)


Vision (G2/DesireZ)

Geeksphones ONE



NVidia Harmony

Ace (Desire HD)

Glacier (myTouch 4G)

You can see that the device support ranges from some rather old devices to the newest, and more devices will be added as time goes on.

Google usually releases the source code a few weeks after the release of an SDK, so we may not see custom Gingerbread ROMs, let alone a CyanogenMod release, for quite some time. By mid-January, we may begin to see their handset-specific Gingerbread ROMs begin to trickle out, but many will be waiting for the CM release. For now, we can all be happy that we have one of the best Froyo ROMs available and it’s as stable as you could hope for. There are also a handful of themes that can be applied to CyanogenMod. I’ve been running the Dark Froyo theme on my G2, and it’s never looked better.

So if you’re sick of using the stock launcher that comes with Android, or just want to see what all the fuss is about, hit up the CyanogenMod forums. You’ll need to be rooted, which is rather easy these days, so look up how to do that for your particular phone before heading over to the CM forums. Anyone running this build yet? If so, how’s it treating you so far?

[Via: AndroidCentral, CyanogenMod]

  • According to the forums, the Incredible is still experimental for 6.1.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the heads up!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the heads up!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the heads up!

  • Pheadrus0110

    I’ve been running 6.1 for a week and love it. No pfoblems.

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