HTC 7 Trophy to land on Verizon Wireless in January?

HTC Trophy

HTC Trophy

Last month, a leaked promotional flyer hinted at the early 2011 launch of the Windows Phone HTC 7 Trophy on Verizon Wireless. The flyer was intended for Microsoft employees who wanted a Verizon Windows Phone handset. Employees could sign up for the promotion until the end of December and would receive their new handset when it launched in early 2011.

Today, we have very short post from Paul Thurrott that also suggests the HTC 7 Trophy will land at Verizon in January. This January date is good news for Verizon customers as January is on the early side of “early 2011”. The Trophy 7 is already available in Europe and boasts of a 1GHz processor, 3.8 inch WVGA touchscreen display, 5-megapixel camera with autofocus, flash, and HD recording, and all the bells and whistles you expect from a high-end HTC smartphone.

The early launch of this Windows Phone handset is crucial to Microsoft as they do not want to make the same mistake as Palm. For those that do not remember, the Pre Plus launched on Verizon in early 2010, almost 7-8 months after the original Pre debuted on Sprint and a few months after the launch of the original Motorola DROID. By the time the Pre finally landed on Big Red, Android fever had hit Verizon customers and Google’s mobile OS was beginning its astronomical climb. The ill-fated timing of this launch was one reason the Pre Plus did not fare so well on Verizon.

Microsoft should learn from Palm’s mistake and try to get the Mozart out the door before the rumored iPhone lands. Admittedly, the iPhone is not a definite, but the rumors pointing to a Verizon iPhone in early 2011 continue to hit the rumor mill. If I was Microsoft, I would not want to be burned because I dismissed these rumors as idle chatter. If the HTC Trophy can be ready by January, Microsoft and Verizon should plan an big kickoff with the intention of  snagging new customers before the iPhone comes to rain on their party.

While we wait for Microsoft to take or reject my advice, you can check out our hands-on review of the HTC Trophy 7 here.

[Via Windows Phone Secrets]

  • Mtabigsky

    I didn’t think they were the same phone. The HTC 7 Trophy is NOT a high-end phone. The Mozart is a high-end phone.
    Looking forward to playing with the WP7’s on VZW sooner than later.

  • Asdf

    You guys were dead on with this.

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