HTC HD2 gets it’s very own Android Gingerbread port, too

Everyone’s favorite Windows Mobile device gone Android, the HD2, has just been blessed with its own Android 2.3 Gingerbread port. This comes from none other than XDA-Developers, and while the port is not available at the moment, we can expect a team of skilled developers to be working on this to get it up and running as soon as possible.

DarkStone1337 is the brain behind getting Android Gingerbread on the HD2. While he won’t continue to work on the project going forward, the accomplishment is big enough to give a shout out, of course. He got Gingerbread booted onto an HD2, and now other XDAers can continue refining the project, making sure the would-be Windows Mobile handset gets the proper Android treatment.

As it stands, the project will be handed off to anyone who wants to help or contribute, but DarkStone will remain hands off. The HD2 is just one more device to add to the list of HTC phones that have recently received Gingerbread ports, but the HD2 seems like more of an accomplishment since it was never originally an Android phone to begin with. And we though all was lost when we found out this handset wouldn’t receive Windows Phone 7. That’s ok, it just got something better, that’s all.

As I’ve said before, things will only get better once the source code is released for Android 2.3. The SDK is primarily for those looking to develop applications for the platform, and a genuine, stable port will rely on the source code. Once released, it won’t be too much longer until CyanogenMod 7 gets released for this device. For those that bought the HD2 and hated WinMo, things really couldn’t have turned out better.

To read up on the progress of the project, hit up the XDA forum.

[Via: AndroidPolice]

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