Facebook mobile adds more control over settings

If you access your Facebook account over the mobile web instead of a mobile application, well, download an app already! But seriously, the social network just added additional controls to its mobile site to give you better access to your privacy settings and more. I know how frustrating it can be when you need to tweak some of your settings, but you’re not near a computer. And sometimes it’s not the most convenient thing in the world to hit “View Full Site” and navigate around it while on the small screen.

The new settings and controls allow you to change or adjust what you share when you access certain applications or websites. You can also control the information that certain applications and websites can access. Facebook is giving you the option to make these changes while on the go instead of only on a desktop browser.

Here’s what Facebook says on its blog:

Other settings you can adjust include access to your basic profile information, photos and videos, friends’ information and more. To see your privacy controls on mobile, go to m.facebook.com/privacy or visit the Settings page and click the “Change” link next to “Privacy Settings.”

So while it’s not a huge update, it is a very convenient one whenever you find yourself needing to access your privacy settings on your mobile device or smartphone. With over 200 million mobile Facebook users, I’m sure more than a handful of folks will find this feature very handy. If you don’t see it immediately, just be patient as the social network says it is rolling out the new controls to users gradually over the next few weeks.

[Via: Facebook]

  • Anonymous

    I doubt this will be of much use. Facebook will still remain insecure and unsafe. Facebook content is not private at all. I have decided to quit Facebook and am currently trying Diaspora out. This too seems slightly disappointing so I will be trying MyCube out once it releases and I hope this lives up to its promise

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