Best Buy confirms the free iPhone 3GS sale, this Friday only

Best Buy Twitter iPhone

Best Buy Twitter iPhone

Best Buy confirmed via its official Twitter account that the free  iPhone 3GS sale is a go. This Friday only, the iPhone 3GS 8GB will be available for free with a two-year customer agreement. The tweet mentions the offer is available to “qualified customers”, but provides little detail on exactly who is eligible. The earlier rumor from BGR suggests the offer was extended to new customers, folks looking to add an extra line, and those eligible for an upgrade.

Best Buy provided a link for the offer in their tweet, but the offer is not yet live. As of the writing of this post, it only brings you to the current iPhone 3GS page on Best Buy. For those counting their pennies, the cost of an 8GB iPhone 3GS is currently $99. You can save yourself a Benjamin if you scoop up this deal and can use that extra cash towards a case or accessories.

The sale is interesting, though, as Apple products are usually not offered for free. Best Buy could be using this promotion to get folks into the store or it could be an indication that there is remaining inventory of iPhone 3GS handsets sitting in warehouses around the country. Clearing inventory using a fire sale, such as this, is not out of the realm of possibility. The iPhone 3GS needs to be out the way before the iPhone 5 debuts and there is no better time to move some product than the holiday shopping season.

While the “why” behind the promotion is fun for speculation, it is the sale and its effect on your wallet that really matter. If you are interested in this sale, use this link here and check back on the 10th to snag an iPhone 3GS for that extra special someone, yourself included. Remember, this is a one-day sale, so do not dawdle.

[Via PC Mag and Twitter]

  • Phone Nerd

    This isn’t the first time that Best Buy has offered free iPhones, although it may be the first time they’ve offered it outside their Reward Zone program. The iPhone is a bit of a different animal for Best Buy – defective and returned iPhones are not sent back to Apple – they’re refurbished and resold.

    It’s likely the iPhone 3G 8GB is EOL, and they’re pushing them out – trying to get rid of the last few. You’ll need to have a 2 year upgrade or a new line available – they won’t sell them without a contract for free. It’s all about the contract with Best Buy – not new lines.

  • Harry_luvuk

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  • Harry_luvuk

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