Kindle for Android Updated with In-App Purchases, Periodicals

The Kindle e-book app for Android just got a beefy update, including the ability to save books locally to your microSD memory card, access to newspapers and magazines, as well as sharing through social networks like Facebook and Twitter, zooming for images, and the handy ability to use the volume rocker for skipping pages. There’s also a “integrated store experience” which I gather to mean in-app purchases, rather than buying through the mobile site.

Kindle is Amazon’s digital book store/service which syncs your reading progress across a multitude of devices, including their own dedicated e-reader. There’s a dictionary built in for you to easily look up unfamiliar words as they pop up, and if visibility is an issue, you can change font type and size. As for selection, there are over 750,000 titles available, plenty of which are free, but the Amazon book store often gets knocked for not supporting the more open ePub format.

The U.S.-only¬†BlackBerry Kindle app has also been updated recently, but they don’t say much about new features. The new version of the Android app in the Market, and if you’ve got an iPhone, there’s a download link to iTunes below.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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