Apple rolls out iAd Producer for iOS ads

Apple iAd Producer lets your create ads for iOS
Apple iAd Producer lets your create ads for iOS

Apple has finally rolled out a way for app makers and content providers to build their own specialized ads for apps and the iAd Producer could help boost its mobile advertising network.

Apple rolled out its advertising network as part of iOS 4.0 and it promised to give ads all the functionality of the app itself – this included 3D graphics, multitouch, video, gyroscope and more. The goal was to create ads which deeply engaged the user.

We haven’t really heard much that’s positive from this platform since it’s launch, though. Yahoo took some potshots at it and beyond the Nissan Leaf campaign, we haven’t heard of too many success cases.

In fact, Chanel dropped its plans to advertise with this network after Apple meddled with the creative process. The iAd Producer could change the need for Apple to get involved creating the ads, as it gives users the tools to make them fairly easily.

According to Apple:

iAd Producer makes it easy for you to design and assemble high-impact, interactive content for iAd. iAd Producer automatically manages the HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript behind your iAd to make creating beautiful, motion-rich iAd content as easy as point and click.

For advanced developers, iAd Producer offers sophisticated JavaScript editing and debugging, along with a powerful extension mechanism that enables them to create and re-use their own page templates and components.

Making things easier is always a good thing for your platform but Apple is facing some solid competition. Google is fully integrating AdMob into its business and you know that the search giant is going to be putting a lot of effort into the mobile advertising space.

Microsoft has even touted its Windows Phone 7 platform as an ad-serving machine, so companies will have many ways to reach mobile users in the near future.

[Via Apple]

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